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Revolutionize Your Coaching with Instant Video Analysis - Elevate Performance, Streamline Your Workflow and Empower Athletes.

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Skeleton Tracking


Requires 2018 iPad Pro or newer or iPhone XS,11,12,13


BodiTrak Compatible

Now supporting the BodiTrak pressure mat. Requires 2018 iPad Pro or newer or iPhone XS, 11,12,13

key features

Record and Capture

  • Manual Mode: 720p or 1080p up to 240fps

  • Voice Activated Recording

  • Automatic Golf Swing Detection

  • Ultra-wide angle lens support

  • Control shutter-speed and ISO

You can't analyze video without recording it first, so we've enabled recording modes: Manual, One-Tap, Bluetooth triggered, Voice-Activated and Auto-Detect (for golf). You can also choose SHUTTER SPEED, ISO and the frames per second (fps) as well as the resolution quality. 


Video Analysis

Our video analysis tools include side-by-side comparisons, drawing markup, voice-over recording and slow motion tools that let you dive into the details of any video. We've made them easy to use and fast, if you do a lot of voice-over lessons, you'll really appreciate the zero-wait save time.

  • Slow motion and frame-by-frame

  • Annotate with drawings

  • Create voice-over recordings

  • Side-by-side and overlay comparison

Our people-first design makes it easy to stay organized. Each of your clients has their own workspace where you can record and save videos as well as communicate using chat messaging. You'll never lose a video and the need to tag athlete names is eliminated just by using the app.

Stay Organized

  • Title, tag and search your library

  • Use badges to "mark unread" and manage your workflow

  • Automatically syncs videos and messages across all your devices


Private & Bulk Messaging

We built powerful messaging features directly into the app so you don't have to rely on email & texting where you're bound to get out of sync.  Keep everything in one place with OnForm! Share videos and communicate with your athletes directly using rich private messaging. Use group chat to keep everyone in the conversation and our broadcast lists allow you to message all of your private individuals as if they were part of a single group, but replies stay totally private.

  • Private messaging with emojis and notifications

  • Group chat with teams

  • Broadcast lists for private bulk messaging

  • SafeSport compliant - Read more

Video & File Sharing

Sharing is as easy as sending a text. OnForm enables instant sharing of videos, PDF's, images and documents. You can even use it completely offline and everything syncs when you are back in WiFi or cell coverage.  Because OnForm is built with cloud architecture from the ground up, everything syncs to the cloud and is backed up and automatically archived to save space on your device.

  • Automatic archiving to save space

  • Support for PDF's, JPEG's and more filetypes

  • HD Quality, app-to-app sharing via the cloud


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Privacy done right

Our video sharing is always private and secure. Our app uses the latest HTTPS encryption and requires all users to be authenticated using AppleID or GoogleID.
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