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Horseback Riding

Video Analysis And Messaging Platform For Performance Improvement

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We designed OnForm to empower trainers and improve student learning through video and text messaging all in one app to keep your life organized. With the help of EquiRatings we will bring new levels of objective feedback to equestrians around the world.

Communicate with video and text

Technology has changed how we get stuff done - removing boundaries and opening up new opportunities.

People are communicating while constantly on the move and coaches have to manage teams and clients in the pockets of their time.

Keep your crew connected and on track by using technology to your advantage.


Stay Organized

Thousands of messages coming in from at least 5 different apps and...wait, was I chatting to her in a text or DM & where is that video I wanted to send?

Stop the madness with OnForm workspaces and libraries.

  • All messages in one place - either to a group, an inner circle, or a single person.  

  • All documents, pictures, and videos can be stored in your OnForm library. Share where the whole group can see them, or you can share to specific people, or you can keep things private.


Faster Feedback With Video

Embed video analysis into your communications.  Video feedback tools make it easy to share exercises and give quick, pinpoint feedback to your athletes and students. Take your coaching to the next level and watch your athletes improve faster.

Plus, it can help give direction and encourage accountability and keep your clients engaged with you beyond the lesson.


Side by Side Comparison with Voice-Overs

Our powerful video tools enable rapid learning by providing features like side-by- side comparison and overlay.  Use these tools to point out key moments and give critical feedback by recording your voice over the video while you demonstrate key areas of learning.  Your riders will see exactly what you are trying to explain.

Private Chat Messaging

With our built-in chat system, sharing a video is as simple and familiar as sending a message.  We support sharing of videos, images or files, like PDF's and documents.  You'll always have the latest communication with your clients, and you won't need to use multiple apps like WhatsApp and a separate video analysis tool.

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