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Marketing Director

Job Type:

Full Time, Remote, Salaried

Marketing Director

At Onform, we are passionate about enabling coaches and athletes to unlock their true potential. As a rapidly growing sports software technology company, our platform is used by pro teams, national teams, college and high school athletes, and individual instructors worldwide, making us a top-quality sports coaching solution (average 4.8/5.0 star rating on Apple App Store) with immense potential for future growth.

As our first dedicated Marketing Director, you will collaborate closely with Onform's co-founder to design, develop, and lead marketing strategies that fuel user acquisition at the top of the funnel. This is a high-impact role, offering tremendous opportunities for career and personal growth within our dynamic startup environment.

Your primary responsibility will be to own, design and deliver authentic and targeted campaigns that drive awareness and generate new user signups within our target sports. You will craft compelling content and leverage our influencer and coach network to effectively engage users across various channels, including paid advertising, social media, email, and in-person events. While our current marketing strategies have had a promising start, we need your expertise to take our marketing prowess to the next level. This high impact position will set the tone for our brand and all future marketing efforts of the company

Who You Are:

  • Experience in Growth Marketing: You have a proven background in designing and implementing growth strategies for mobile apps, with a focus on user acquisition, digital advertising, and content marketing. Previous experience at startups is a bonus.

  • Proficient in Multi-Channel Marketing: You excel in managing multi-channel marketing campaigns, including social media, email, online paid advertising, and in-person events. Familiarity with tools like, Facebook, App Store, and Google Analytics is advantageous.

  • Excellent Content Creation and Curation Skills: You possess the ability to create strategic campaigns, and craft compelling and targeted content, differentiating us from competitors while understanding our customer's needs. Your knack for identifying and repurposing content from diverse sources, including captivating video content, will help drive more brand awareness.

  • Partnership Management: Your experience in collaborating with external partners to tap into shared audiences, boost brand visibility, and drive user sign-ups will be invaluable. Prior work with sports organizations is a plus.

  • Focus on Metrics and ROI Analysis: Your analytical mindset and data-driven approach to marketing enable you to evaluate campaign performance, derive insights, and make informed decisions to enhance marketing effectiveness and ROI.

  • Strong Communicator and Team Player: Being an exceptional communicator and team player is critical. Your growth-oriented mindset, coupled with humility, is a must-have. As a true self-starter, you require minimal oversight and love to roll up your sleeves to get things done.

What It Will Be Like:

As a fully remote team, we prioritize hard work, focus, and accountability. You'll find little fluff here; instead, we trust you to do your part while developing and fostering a supportive and enjoyable work environment. Communication is paramount among the team and we trust you to set the bar. Values and integrity always come first, and we encourage you to reach out for assistance when needed.

Our sports software is mission-critical to thousands of coaches, driving their income daily, so excellence and dedication to customer service are core values. Your role in crafting and disseminating our story to the world will be instrumental in our growth journey.

This opportunity offers massive potential for high performance and personal growth. Being our first marketing hire, your success will help grow our business and expand your role over time. We rely on Slack for communication, have weekly all-company standups, and aim to keep meetings to a minimum. Some travel will be required to various trade shows, customer locations and team meetups.

Compensation package:

We value scrappy and savvy individuals who know how to tell a great story over mere experience. If you've worked on growth marketing teams at other software startups, this is your chance to take the helm. Our salary is competitive and primarily based on direct app/software marketing experience and fit with this role.

We provide 100% coverage for health, vision, and dental benefits, including a matching 401k. Our vacation policy is straightforward; you let us know when you're taking time off. We prioritize family commitments and offer a wellness and communication stipend to support your well-being.

Stock options form part of our compensation package, reflecting our commitment to incentivize long-term growth and reward those who contribute with an ownership mentality.

Furthermore, we ensure you have all the Apple equipment you need to excel in your role. Join us and be an integral part of transforming our marketing efforts, reaching new heights together while fulfilling our mission to help people achieve their true potential. 

If you're passionate about making a meaningful impact and believe in our vision, we'd love to hear from you!

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