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5 Ways to Increase Revenue from Golf Lessons

Updated: Jun 25

Are you a golf instructor looking for ways to boost your revenue? We know that maximizing your earnings is crucial for long-term success, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, so we’ve pulled together a list of 5 ways to earn more from your golf lessons while delivering value to your students.

ipad in the foreground showing a player in the background swinging a golf club using the Onform app. player is wearing salmon long sleeve shirt, white hat, and black pants.
Reach New Students with Remote Golf Lessons

With Onform's video analysis technology, you can teach lessons anywhere, even if your student lives halfway across the world. This allows you to reach new students outside of your local area by using the built-in features from the app. Imagine being able to make money from your couch, the driving range, your office, or the dinner table. You can create new revenue streams by offering to critique golf swings virtually for a fee. Your students will send you videos of their golf swings, and you can respond back with markups, voiceovers, and a message -- all directly in the app!

Save Time, Take on New Students

Significantly reduce the time spent working on the administrative side of your business with the right technology. We’ve heard from some of our instructors that they’re saving so much time using Onform that they have the bandwidth to take on additional students and lessons. The fast server upload times and the fact that videos, notes and all communications for each golf student are stored in one app workspace instead of bouncing between a camera library and email across multiple devices makes their job more efficient. One instructor shared that switching to Onform cut his time spent on coaching by more than 50%, without sacrificing his students' experience.

Create More Value with Video Analysis

Modernize your teaching approach with Onform's video analysis tools. Using video during in-person golf lessons helps students visualize their progress, deepening their understanding and leading to faster improvement. Your students are paying for your expertise and time, and incorporating technology into their lesson highlights your commitment to delivering exceptional value. We’ve heard from some instructors that they have been able to raise their rates by $25-75 per lesson by offering video analysis!

Monetize Your Launch Monitor

Put your launch monitor to work by offering rental services to your students looking to continue practicing on their own. Renting out your Full Swing KIT or Garmin R10 generates additional income while giving students access to technology they might not be able to afford on their own. The best way to do this is to have a "teaching" launch monitor and a "rental" launch monitor – keep one for in-person lessons and have a second option on hand for rentals. Pro Tip: When you send your Full Swing KIT home with your students, set your KIT to only show the data points you are working on, such as carry distance or path. Keep it simple!

Exclusive Offer: Full Swing is offering discounted pricing on the KIT to Onform customers.

Provide Custom Training Plans

Custom putters, custom golf bags, custom apparel - Golfers love anything tailored specifically to them. Why not take that to the training plans? Expand your offerings by creating and selling personalized training plans. Don’t just stamp and repeat your normal practice plans. Cater to individual strengths and weaknesses by incorporating exercises focused on strength, flexibility, and mobility so each student feels like what they're getting is truly tailored to their own goals.

By implementing these strategies and bringing Onform into your lessons, you can significantly grow your business and increase your golf lesson revenue, all while providing a better experience for your students.

Have some of your own tips to increase revenue from golf lessons? Let us know in the comments!

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