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Collindale Golf Academy’s Earl Gerlach Uses Onform to Speed Up Student Progress

Earl Gerlach, the PGA Director of Instruction at Collindale Golf Academy in Fort Collins, CO, is dedicated to continuously tweaking his teaching methods with the help of modern technology. His adoption of Onform’s video analysis app several years ago changed the way he provides feedback to his students, helping them make significant improvements in their game.

image of coach showing student their video on an iPad at a golf course

About Earl

Earl has been teaching golf for the last decade at Collindale Golf Academy. He’s committed to finding the best tools to give his students effective feedback, so they are able to understand and improve their technique. Earl discovered Onform back in 2020 when Gear Fisher, one of our co-founders, showed him the app during a lesson.

Transition to Onform

Once introduced to Onform, Earl made the transition from his previous video analysis app, V1. He decided to switch because of Onform's superior functionality and ease of communication, which significantly improved the way he interacted with his students.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Video Feedback:

    1. Earl uses video primarily for providing feedback to his students. "Video does not (usually) lie," he says. By showing students how they are currently moving, they can better associate their new sensations with what is actually happening. Additionally, comparing their movements to those of better students or professionals helps set clear goals for improvement.

  2. Enhanced Communication:

    1. One of the standout features for Earl is the seamless communication between him and his students. Onform allows him to take a few extra moments to answer follow-up questions or review videos sent by his students. This ongoing communication helps reinforce lessons and provides continuous support.

    2. Earl also sends multiple videos after their sessions, giving students a valuable "take home" from their time together.

  3. Ease of Use and Organization:

    1. Earl appreciates how simple and intuitive Onform is to use. The tools available within the app, along with the ability to store unlimited videos, make it easy for him to keep everything organized and accessible for future review. "I love the tools, and LOVE the unlimited videos I can store that are perfectly organized for me to review at a later time," he says.

Impact on Teaching

The app’s messaging features allow him to send additional pictures or videos to his students, offering further explanations and refinements beyond their sessions. This continuous feedback loop helps students make quicker, more effective adjustments to their technique.

Feedback from Students

Many of Earl’s students enjoy using Onform. While not all take advantage of the continued communication, those who do find it extremely beneficial. They like being able to send follow-up videos and get clarifications on their technique, taking their learning beyond a 1-hour lesson.

Earl Gerlach’s integration of Onform into his lessons at Collindale Golf Academy has proven to be a game-changer. The app's video analysis and communication features have provided a significant boost to his lessons, helping his students achieve their goals more effectively. Whether you're a golf instructor or a student, Onform offers the tools needed for substantial and measurable improvement in performance.

Ready to try it out? Schedule a FREE personalized demo or download the app to start your free trial today!

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