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Custom Branding For Every Coach

We're excited to introduce the ability to brand the OnForm experience for your clients/students/athletes using a background image. Keep your brand front and center and create a unique OnForm experience for your athletes. Uploading your own image is easy and you can apply it to every team or individual workspace with ease.

Custom branded OnForm app for the Rick Smith Golf Performance Center. All coaches using OnForm can now create their own custom background image and upload it through the app.

We've designed the system so you can create and upload an unlimited number of images for use in each of your workspaces. For example, you might be a golf instructor but also coach your high school track team. In this case, you can have your golf coach branding for golf students, and you can have a team photo with your school's logo for your track team.

Since the student view is very similar to the coach's view, as you can see below, the branded graphics become a powerful way to keep your brand in front of everyone you coach.

Get Started

To get started, tap on your profile image in the upper left corner of the Home screen in the iOS app, then tap on 'Edit Profile'. You'll see a new section where you can upload a Background Photo.

background photo upload for OnForm coach branding
We recommend using an 800x400 image for best results

When you upload an image, you'll have the option to add this to all of your existing individual and team workspaces. You can upload as many images as you'd like, paying close attention that you don't overwrite all your workspaces each time you upload a new photo. If you upload multiple images, you can long-press on a photo to make it the new default for all your teams and individuals, making it a snap to update your entire athlete/team list.

If you'd like to customize the background photo for a specific workspace, open the workspace of the individual or team, then tap on the "circle-dot" icon and tap "Edit [person/team name] details".

Next, simply select which background photo you'd like to use (you can crop any image to fit, but we recommend an 800x400 pixel image for easiest and best-fit).

Select a background image for each/every workspace

After selecting the image you'll see it take affect immediately. Below are a few other examples:

Your athletes will feel especially close to you and your brand will shine through with every interaction.

This will also show on Android and on the web, so that no matter where you interact with your athletes, they'll see your brand. Below is a video that was shared via email/link, click it to see the actual view:

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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