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Elevating Player Performance: Onform Partners with CSE's State-of-the-Art Performance Lab

We're excited to announce our latest partnership with CSE (College Sports Evaluation), a leader in verified data and analytics for athletes, now a division of Triple Crown Sports. Founded by David King, Triple Crown has been a long-time tournament provider for multiple sports. Together with CSE, we’re improving athlete evaluation and performance by combining real-time feedback from Onform’s video analysis app with data collected at CSE’s Performance Lab—a brand new space dedicated to maximizing athletic potential through high definition motion capture and biometric analysis using the latest technology from Qualisys, Edgertronic, AMTI and more.

David King emphasized the significance of this partnership, highlighting the key role of Onform's video analysis app in enhancing athlete development within the new CSE Performance Lab:

“CSE’s new state of the art performance lab has all the bells and whistles of motion capture, force plates and ball sensors but probably the single most effective development tool is Onform.  It’s simplicity in visuals will add clarity to athletes on the bounty of information produced, Onform is a great partner.” - David King, Founder of Triple Crown Sports and CSE
foreground dave king and gear fisher looking at the Onform app on an ipad with a softball player in the background in the CSE performance lab

CSE was born out of a need for coaches and parents to accurately assess player performance. Their comprehensive approach to data collection allows coaches to benchmark players against collegiate norms and youth age divisions. With thousands of fastpitch and baseball players tested nationwide, CSE has established baseline data for every position, so coaches can make informed decisions and set realistic goals for their players, particularly in the college recruiting process.

Onform accounts will be provided to all athletes and coaches when they visit the lab, providing them with tools to analyze their technique when they are back home on the practice field and easily communicate with coaches and players.  Using Onform’s mobile app to capture video during the season and beyond helps tie lessons learned in the lab to practical improvements for player development all season long.

Beyond the lab, Onform will continue to support athletes and coaches, allowing them to stay in touch, review videos from practice sessions, and compare on-field sessions with the data collected in the lab. In short, Onform will fill in the gaps by providing real-time objective analysis so coaches and players can measure progress between lab sessions.

Onform app showing a softball player getting ready to pitch. the softball player is in the background at the indoor CSE facility

Finally, the CSE Performance Lab will serve as a testing ground for Onform's latest innovations. We’ll be leveraging their state-of-the-art technology to ensure Onform stays at the forefront of video technology, and that we deliver features that are reliable and fully tested in a true lab environment so they can be used in the field. With CSE’s help, we're committed to delivering amazing solutions that help coaches make fast and efficient use of biometric data in a way that’s simple and easy to understand.

“I’m thrilled to work with CSE’s Performance Lab to outfit every athlete and coach that visits the lab with their own Onform accounts. In addition, we have an incredible testing ground to develop and tune our own objective metrics and ensure they are verified by industry leading biometric motion capture equipment.” - Gear Fisher, Co-Founder of Onform

We are excited to continue to push the boundaries of innovation in performance analysis together with the CSE Performance Lab. If you would like to learn more about the lab or visit to get an assessment of your own, please contact us.

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