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Golf Instruction Platform Comparison: OnForm vs. V1 Pro

Golf instructors are busy folks. Managing student communications, lessons, scheduling and finding time to play a round, let alone spend quality time with the family is a big challenge. Enabling you to coach more efficiently and save time are what we're focused on. We believe in coaching: expert instruction to guide people to achieve their true potential. It's a rewarding endeavor to help others achieve their dreams. Providing you tools to grow your business and be more efficient is our mission, and that's why we created OnForm.

Our vision for OnForm has been to create a coaching platform that takes advantage of recent advancements in computer vision, user interface and the Cloud to create easy to use, yet incredibly powerfuL apps for golf instructors. We aim to help grow your business and engage your students in exciting new ways that encourage and strengthen your relationships. This can be done both in-person and remotely, where you can ultimately provide better feedback, improved lessons and faster learning. We believe that making you the hero is the best thing we can do. That's core to our coach first business philosophy.

To accomplish all this, we set out to learn from the past and then create the future. OnForm is the result of decades of coaching platform experience, cutting edge software development and a passion for sports all rolled into a product to empower coaches to help you help your students. We've built a modern yet flexible platform for you to keep all your videos, communications and lessons in one place. And we've thrown in some really cool features for your students like the practice partner so they will be more engaged as well.

We're certainly not the first, but we do believe we are the best, most intuitive app out there, and we're just getting started. The desire to have all your drill videos, student videos, voice-over analysis' and student communications in one place is natural. Fumbling between messaging apps, analysis apps, swing capture apps, email and text is a total pain. It's impossible to scale your business with such in-efficient tools. Coaching more efficiently and saving time so you can grow your business is what you should be focused on. We can help!

V1 Pro is perhaps the most entrenched and well known app for golf instructors, and for good reason: they've been around forever. But the app is also showing its age. We're offering this short list of features above as a a quick comparison guide to help you consider a new platform for your lessons and your coaching business. We think you and your clients will love its simplicity and power. So far, we've received rave reviews on ease of use, speed and functionality, just check out the app store for yourself.

If you're looking to make the switch from V1 Pro to something that allows you to coach more efficiently, communicate with your students and provide top-notch feedback for individuals and groups, all in one place, give it a try. Better yet, schedule a 1:1 demo with me and I'll show you how to get up to speed quickly. Don't worry about your existing videos, we've made it a cinch to import them into OnForm so you can get going without a hitch.

You can download the OnForm app here.

​I look forward to showing you around and I'd love to hear any feedback or suggestions!

Till next time, swing away,


Co-Founder, OnForm, Inc.

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