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How Clemson University’s Track & Field Team Uses Onform for Video Analysis

Updated: May 31

Technology has transformed many industries, and track & field is no exception. Clemson University's Track and Field program is known for consistently producing high-performing athletes. Behind the scenes, their coaching staff is constantly looking for ways to optimize training and accelerate athlete development. Onform's easy-to-use video analysis app helps coaches like Assistant Track & Field Coach Joe Davis provide faster feedback, improve athlete performance, and gain a deeper understanding of their athletes' technique.

photo of Coach Joe Davis from Clemson Track & Field showing his female track athlete her video footage in the Onform app

Instant Feedback

In the past, coaches relied on limited storage or slow-motion playback on bulky equipment to analyze athletes' form, but it wasn’t instant, so the footage would have to be reviewed at a later time. More recently, coaches have used their cell phones to record videos, but would quickly run out of storage due to thousands of videos taking up space. Onform's app allows for instant video review without taking up any storage on the phone, letting coaches and athletes see exactly what's happening “rep to rep, day to day, year to year,” as Coach Davis says. This immediate feedback loop significantly accelerates the learning process, helping athletes to improve faster.

Perception vs. Reality

Athletes may think they're executing a movement perfectly, but the video shows otherwise. By comparing what an athlete believes they did with what the video shows, the coach can bridge this gap and help the athlete make the necessary adjustments much faster. As Clemson Track & Field Assistant Coach Davis explained how valuable this is for demoing specific movements:

“As I get older, I really can't demo everything perfectly or there might not be an advanced athlete at that session to show them the correct movement. With Onform, I can pull up another video and compare it side by side right there. Or even compare reps of that same athlete during the session.”

Video Organization and Analysis for Multi-Event Coaching

Coach Davis finds features like video labeling and tagging particularly useful for organizing and comparing footage, especially since he coaches multiple events, from high jump to pole vault, and even the heptathlon. He can easily filter to triple jump only without scrolling past thousands of shot put videos. Coach Davis also mentioned that the ability to draw on the screen further enhances communication by providing a visual reference for explaining technical points. Whether in daily practice or during competitions, Onform is a key tool for the Clemson track & field coaches across all events.

Faster Improvement

Video analysis allows coaches to pinpoint technical flaws with greater precision. By slowing down videos and reviewing them frame by frame, coaches can provide highly specific feedback. This targeted approach gets athletes working on the right things, leading to faster and more efficient improvement. Coach Davis agreed, saying:

“The video can’t really lie to you. You either did what we were trying to do, or you didn’t, and we can get more intentional work done in a quicker timeline. For me, Onform is a vital tool across all events. If you want to get better, this app allows you to do it faster and more precisely than you can do without it.”

Creating Athlete Buy-In

One of the biggest benefits to Onform is that the athletes can use it too alongside their coaches. Athletes can review their videos from practice, becoming more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and perform their own analysis with the drawing tools in the app. This creates “buy in” from the athletes so they can better understand their coaches’ feedback and make meaningful change.

Clemson's Track & Field program attributes a significant portion of their athletes' performance improvement to the use of video analysis tools like Onform. By providing a faster, more precise way to identify issues and provide feedback, Onform helps coaches optimize their training programs and improve athletes' performance potential.

Interested in learning more about Onform? Ready to incorporate video analysis into your team's training? Schedule a demo with one of our sales development representatives.

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