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How OnForm Compares With Hudl Technique

Updated: Feb 29

iPad screenshot showing the Onform app and the video library. Video thumbnails of various golf swings are shown.

There are a few key differences between HUDL Technique and OnForm. But they are also quite similar. Both apps are used for video analysis: creating voice-overs, comparing two videos side-by-side and overlaid, drawing on videos with annotations, and more. And most importantly, they are both useful for providing feedback between coach and athlete.

It's worth noting that our co-founder, Krishna Ramachandran is the co-founder of Ubersense, which he sold to HUDL, later becoming HUDL Technique. He is now here at OnForm to create the next generation of video analysis that also includes a communication platform.


The main differences between the two apps are how they are structured and the workflows used to capture and share video.

First, OnForm combines both video analysis tools AND chat messaging features for sharing. We've integrated a robust chat messaging system into the app so you can send videos, images, files and chat messages between individuals or groups (1:1 or 1:many). This is handy to keep all communication in one place with your teams or individual clients.

Second, OnForm is a 'cloud-native' app, which means everything is automatically saved to the cloud. This allows full and continuous backup of all videos and also allows you to access all videos across each your devices seamlessly. It also allows us to auto-archive videos so we keep them in the cloud and save space on your device Of course you can also capture video offline and as soon as you are back in cell or wifi service, it will sync automatically.

The third big difference is our "people first" design. We create separate workspaces for each of your students or teams so that you can easily store, organize and find videos of all your past client/student/team interactions. This also creates a frictionless link between you and your students. They will each use the app to receive, share and text message effortlessly between coach-athlete.

There are many other features like our auto-detect golf-swing camera, improved voice-over functionality and zero "processing time" saving. These are all features which can be discovered when you download and try the app, and I look forward to working with you.

If you'd like a personal 1:1 demo of the app over Zoom, please click this link to schedule a call:

Thanks for reading!

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