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How Pro Speed Baseball’s Michael Derr Saves Significant Time In His Coaching Business

Michael Derr, head instructor of Pro Speed Baseball, has always been dedicated to finding the best tools for coaching. As a retired professional baseball player and a seasoned coach, Michael has taught more than 40,000 lessons over the last 19 years, including working with MLB players. His YouTube channel, Pro Speed Baseball, has a large following and millions of views on YouTube, and he has an online coaching business as well. Onform’s video analysis app has become a key part of his coaching, changing the way he trains his athletes.

man in all black getting ready to swing a baseball bat at an indoor training facility

Transition to Onform

Michael’s journey with video analysis in coaching began in 2011 using a handheld camera. Recognizing video as an important part of coaching, he transitioned from Ubersense to Hudl Technique, and ultimately to Onform when Hudl Technique was retired. This switch was driven by a need for a reliable, user-friendly coaching platform.

Key Features and Benefits
  1. Organization and Flexibility:

    1. Onform’s organization features are Michael’s favorite. The app’s ability to seamlessly categorize students, parents, and coaches streamlines communication and management. Michael highlights the unmatched flexibility of Onform, which includes labeling videos, adding notes, and easily importing/exporting videos.

    2. The auto-detect feature is particularly beneficial, allowing hands-free recording and efficient capturing of key moments. The audio feedback allows him to know when a swing is captured, and the voice-over feature is a time saver with its ability to switch videos during narration.

  2. Remote Video Coaching:

    1. Michael uses Onform’s remote video sending capability to maintain connections with students all over the world. The ease with which students and their parents can record and send videos creates a faster feedback loop and continuous learning.

    2. The drawing tools and voice-over features help students work independently on their game, improving their understanding and enjoyment.

  3. Overall Functionality:

    1. Onform stands out for its sturdy performance, with no lag between screen changes, and extremely fast video downloads/uploads. The built-in chat feature allows direct messaging, so Michael doesn't need to use email, saving both him and his students significant time.

Impact on Coaching Business

While Michael already had a thriving coaching business, Onform’s streamlined organization and efficiency have allowed him to save time and work with more students. The app’s superior functionality has enhanced his coaching methods, resulting in better and quicker student progress. As Michael puts it:

“Onform is head and shoulders the best coaching/teaching app in existence. I have almost 10 years of experience with coaching apps, tried ALL of the other programs extensively, and I couldn't have asked for a better teaching platform.”

Empowering Athletes

For serious athletes, Michael recommends Onform not only for those working with a coach but also for self-guided improvement. The app’s capabilities for filming, organizing, comparing, and drawing make it an incredibly valuable tool for any dedicated athlete.

“Even if you're not working with a coach, Onform gives you the ability to easily film, organize, compare, draw lines... so that you can work on your own game. I would have done anything to have Onform when I was coming up as a baseball player.”

Onform has proven to be a game-changer for Michael Derr and Pro Speed Baseball, offering robust features that enhance training efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you’re a coach or an athlete, Onform provides the tools needed for measurable improvement in performance.

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