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Introducing Instructor Cam - Make Your Voiceovers More Personal

The primary feedback loop that OnForm supports is the ability to record a voiceover. A voiceover is created when a coach analyzes a video of a client by recording their own audio feedback and analysis with drawing annotations and comparisons. We're excited to announce a new improvement to our voiceover feature that we're calling 'instructor cam'; the ability to add your face while you record! Click the image below to see a short 30 second video demonstration.

Not only will your athletes see your face as you provide your feedback, you can even use the feature to demonstrate a movement or position. You can turn this on or off using the new button in the top left corner of the video playback screen. You can even flip the face view to the rear facing camera to get the perfect video for a skill demonstration or for showing a specific technique.

In addition, the instructor window can be dragged on the screen and resized by tapping the window in order to position it out of the way while you are recording your feedback. We think your clients will love this feature and it brings an entirely new way to personalize your feedback.

The feature is available now in the coach version 2.03.1 on the App Store for no additional subscription fee. Enjoy!!

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