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New! The All Files Library Puts Every Video From All People In One Place

Our latest release (version 1.99 available now in the App Store) now has a highly requested feature especially familiar to users of Hudl Technique: The 'All Files Library'. Located right at the top of your Home screen, this Library shows every video across all your athletes and students, sorted with easy to identify dates.

You can also record new videos here so there's no need to create a new person's workspace prior to recording them. Just tap into "Library - All Files" and start recording, then after you're done, you can select each video and tag them using our new "Edit person" feature. This will create their own workspace in the process and keep everything organized by person as before. It streamlines your workflow and gives you an option very similar to the way Hudl Technique worked.

You can also long-press any video from within any Library and tap the new "Edit person" menu item in order to change the person identified in the video: It's the best of both worlds, "just get the recording done now" and "keep my students organized to find them in the future".

In addition, we've also made the app dramatically faster when navigating between people and team workspaces that will allow us to roll out some big updates in the near future. We hope you'll love them, and if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Thanks so much for your support!

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