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Notes and Broadcast Lists Now Available For Coaches Only

Our latest release adds private coach's notes and powerful bulk messaging with broadcast lists. These new features are only available in our Coach account package. These features are not available in the Personal version of OnForm. Customers can upgrade to the Coach version at anytime the the in-app purchase process.

Coach's Notes

OnForm gives every coach the ability to keep private notes on each athlete or team with a simple notes feature. These notes are kept completely private to the coach only. They can't be shared or seen by anyone else, even if the client or team is removed from the coach. Notes provide a simple way to keep track of little details like spouse's name or favorite food, or just to make a quick comment to yourself about what drills to work on during the next lesson or key areas that you're focusing on for improvement.

You'll find Notes accessible in any Individual or Team workspace as shown below:

And, just like videos and messages they sync across all your devices, making them accessible to you at all times, online and offline. Remember, your clients can't see the notes feature in their accounts, and they will never see the actual notes that you take.

Broadcast Lists are a very powerful way to message all your individual clients in bulk, but keep each conversation completely private. You can send a single message or video to everyone, and it will appear in the private chat thread for each client. Unlike group messaging, if the client replies, they reply only to you, not to everyone in the list.

Let me repeat that... unlike 'Groups' within a team which act just like a group text where every message is seen by everyone in the group and replies also go to everyone in the group, broadcast lists enable you to 'broadcast' a message to your clients, but it appears like a private message which is seen in the client's private chat between you and them. If the client replies, they reply directly in the private chat, just like any other private message. Should they reply, you'll see a notification and a red badge alerting you.

This is a perfect way to message your clients about things like time changes for a meeting or practice, updates to your coaching plans, last minute changes of equipment or location, or any situation where you want to message multiple people at once.

We automatically create an 'everyone' broadcast list, and we maintain it with the names of all clients when you add or remove people. You can create custom lists where you select just the people you want as well.

Be sure to update to the latest version of OnForm (version 1.94) to stay more organized and enjoy improved communications with your clients and athletes!

Thanks for your support,

-Gear & Krishna

Co-founders, OnForm, Inc.

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