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November Feature Update: Recently Deleted, Pro Videos & Measuring Tool

Just a quick note to let you know about three very useful new features in OnForm.

Recently Deleted

First up is the "Recently Deleted" folder that we have added to ensure you never lose a video. From any workspace, you can tap the more icon (circle-dot icon) and go to the Recently Deleted section. Here you'll find all videos you've deleted from the workspace. These can be recovered up to 30 days from deletion. Note that after recovery, you'll need to re-share any videos that were previously shared.

Pro Videos

Next up, we have added several pro models into the Reference Content section for golf and tennis. These are especially handy for doing comparisons. All videos are tagged by person, skill, angle and they contain 'Pro' so you can instantly filter and find them.

Measure Tool

Last but definitely not least, we have added a measuring tool in the video tools toolbox. This handy feature allows you to calibrate a line to a known length, then, any subsequent lines are shown in distance units. Be aware when using this feature that you must measure items in the same plane as where you calibrated the line.

A useful place to use this is for measuring stride length of a pitch:

We hope you enjoy these new features and put them to great use in your analysis.

Thanks for reading!

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