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OnForm and iRangeSports Launch Bundled Product Offerings

Updated: May 12, 2021

We've taken the hassle out of recording your swing. Using the well built and incredibly simple iRangePro monopod along with the auto-detect camera of OnForm, you'll capture every swing effortlessly!

May 12, 2021 - Not often do two products compliment each other like the iRangeSports iPhone & iPad monopod and the OnForm app with its auto-detect golf swing capture feature. Much like peanut butter and chocolate, these two things just go better together and are now offered at a special price bundled together.

What is iRangeSports? It's a very clever and well made monopod for holding your phone or iPad while you record your swing. Unlike awkward and gangly tripods, this simple product is incredibly easy to use and features a strong magnet for holding your device -no clamps to adjust or mess with. Just shove it into the ground, or place it on its stable 4-leg base and snap your phone to its magnetic holder.

With OnForm's innovative AI powered auto-detect camera, you can make practicing fun, while capturing all your swings without the annoying start/stop fiasco usually associated with using a video camera. Just swing away while it records each swing, replays it in slow motion, clips the video to just the action, asks you how it went and uses voice-dictation to save a title for every swing! It's so handy for capturing and analyzing your swing. Use the comparison features to visualize the differences between those shots you hit pure and those you don't. You'll see things that you could never feel before.

Use your iRangeSports indoors or out and refine your swing mechanics. If you're a golf professional, it makes video analysis a breeze and keeps you from having to manually capture your student's swings. Best of all, we all know it's difficult to get your students to practice what you teach, but OnForm and iRangeSports make it fun to bring objective and structured practice to every golfer.

We're now offering special pricing on a Personal Bundle or Coach Bundle, you'll save money and enjoy some of the easiest to use products to hit the video market in years!


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