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Pre-Tag Videos To Make Recording & Organizing Faster And Easier Especially For Teams And Groups

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

With the release of version 1.99.3 available now, you'll notice a revamped recording screen on iPad with new 'Tag' and 'Person' icons and additional information about who you are recording at the top of the screen (see below). On the iPhone, you'll also see this information on the camera recording screen. These allow you to pre-set both the informational tag (7-iron, backsquat, curveball, etc) and the person that you are recording, as well as allow you to instantly share videos as you capture them.

The typical workflow in the past has been to record a subject, then afterward, assign 'who's in the video', decide if it should be shared, and tag it with additional information. While this can easily be done in OnForm, either for a single recording or for multiple recordings, you can now pre-set this information prior to recording.

The interface also makes it very simple and quick to switch athletes without leaving the recording screen. In a team/camp/group environment where you might be recording several people in succession, you can now switch people with just a couple of taps. This is especially handy when multiple athletes are training together, for example, a track and field coach who is training 5-6 people performing a specific task (hammer throw, pole-vault etc) and each person takes a turn one after the other.

It's never been easier or faster to switch athletes, share videos and keep all your videos organized. You'll notice in the screen above you can also choose to share with the athlete. These settings are remembered between recordings.

If you'd like to deselect the athlete, just tap the selected person to un-select them. You'll notice that the list of athletes is also context specific based on where you are at. If you record in the the All Files Library, you'll be able to select from your full list of people, if you record in the Library of a Team workspace, you'll only see the members of the team. If you record from an individual workspace, you'll see the athlete's name, and your name, in the case where you might be recording yourself.

We think you will love this new way to record video, and of course, the "post recording flow" of tagging and sharing is still an option too, so you can now pre-tag or post-tag as you wish, and you can always change between these settings as needed.


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