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Highlights from the P5 Fastpitch Tournament

We had an amazing time at the P5 invite-only tournament in Fort Collins, Colorado this past weekend. The event brought together some of the top club teams in the nation, with scouts from Division 1 and Power 5 schools on site to watch the talented teams in action. Over the course of four days, players and coaches had the opportunity to visit the brand new CSE performance lab to capture data on pitching, hitting, and on-field performance using state-of-the-art technology that is commonly used by MLB teams, but never before specifically designed for fastpitch.

In the lab, we captured thousands of videos and showed coaches how powerful Onform can be with helping them continue their players’ development once they return home.

What Excited Top Fastpitch Coaches:

Recording: During the lab sessions, we used both one-tap and auto-detect recording modes to capture players pitching and at bat. Coaches were excited about one-tap recording mode: the ability to tap the record button once which captures 2 seconds before and 2 seconds after each swing or pitch. We also demonstrated our auto-detect mode for automatically capturing every swing without having to touch a single button. And of course, we adjusted the shutter speed in the app to eliminate motion blur and ensure crystal clear video playback.

image of fastpitch player swinging a bat in the CSE performance lab on an iPad to illustrate one of the Onform recording modes

Analysis: The annotation tools within Onform were also a big hit. Coaches appreciated the ability to mark up videos, watch each video back in slow motion, and review each pitch or swing frame-by-frame. The side-by-side comparisons gave them the ability to compare different pitches side by side—such as the riseball to the fastball or the curveball to the screwball. Additionally, the ability to measure stride length with the ruler was another tool the coaches found to be really useful for improving pitching efficiency.

Fastpitch pitcher in the CSE performance lab with someone marking up analysis on an ipad

Sharing and Organization: Each pitcher chose three different pitches to analyze in the lab. We tagged each pitch type, such as screwball or curveball, so coaches could easily search for specific pitches later, rather than scrolling through hundreds or thousands of videos. We also showed coaches the ability to create teams, group players into collections, and send out messages to the entire team.

ipad showing the library for an athlete showcasing the tagging features

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