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Remote Coaching To Improve Your Golf Game Using OnForm

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Editor's note: In this guest blog post we worked with Erik Schjolberg to outline how easy and powerful it is to do a remote lesson using OnForm. Unlike a live lesson using Zoom or Facetime, OnForm enables 'asynchronous' remote coaching. That is, the golfer records a swing and shares it with a pro directly through the app. It's then analyzed and a new video is shared back to the golfer with tips and suggestions. You don't have to schedule an appointment and it can be done easily from anywhere. This type of remote coaching is growing and enabling PGA coaches to work with students all across the globe. Best of all, the coach and the golfer can do it on their own time and not be tied to a phone call. Read on to see it in action!

Online Golf Lessons - Remote Coaching With OnFormHi friends and golfers! My name is Erik Schjolberg of EJS Golf and I was one of the first pros that adopted the OnForm app for my golf business a few years ago. The team at OnForm are focused on helping me, the golf coach, become the best I can be with the incredible tools they provide, and with new business capabilities like remote coaching. Later, I will get into the huge advantages for you as the student golfer.

I want to show you in this blog how working online with me using the OnForm app is a great way to improve your game. It is a very effective way to learn to become the golfer you dream of and many PGA pros are starting to offer these kinds of remote lessons.

The ability through OnForm for me to link up with you online to go through your golf swing and demonstrate what it will take to get better is something that could not be done not too long ago. It works by having you record your swing at home then sharing it with me through the app. You can even swing in your basement or yard and you don't even have to hit a ball! Now, the key is that you can easily share your video with me and I'll create a voiceover recording with telestrations to show you just what you are doing right and wrong. You'll be able to watch and study the video and even use the automatic swing-recording tools of OnForm to capture your swing and practice sessions -at home or on the range.

The process starts with the student (in this case, Gear) sharing some videos with me. Below is a screenshot he provided for this blog post of his OnForm app where he used the Auto-Record feature to capture his swings, he then picked two of them to share with me. See the two with m y EJS logo? Those are shared directly to me in the OnForm app.

Next, I analyzed those videos and produced a voiceover review which breaks down some of his swing mechanics. You can actually play this video using the OnForm web viewer by clicking the video below. You can see from this one video how I can point out key details that just are not possible with a phone conversation. And this video can be reviewed as many times as needed.

Voiceover analysis:

As you can see in this video, I'm able to place lines and align the two swings in perfect side-by-side synchronization. It's an amazing feature that makes video feedback easy and super useful.

Next, I created a new video detailing the drills and movements and I shared those via the app so Gear could work on improving his swing mechanics. Once he is confident with what I demonstrated, we move on to the next step. This is called the 'chunking' process where we master a move that will help you tremendously before moving on. The key is, there is no better tool than OnForm to make this whole process run smoothly and efficiently!

The drills video that I created for him is below:

As you can see, this process is very easy and not restricted to setting appointments and such. It can be done from anywhere which makes remote coaching easy. Because it is effective and time saving, it's a great way to compliment in-person lessons.

If you're interested in a remote lesson, please contact me at my website below and I'd love to work with you to reach your golfing dreams!

My best,

Erik Schjolberg

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