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Shared Libraries Make Every Video Instantly Visible

One of the core features of Onform is our incredibly simple video sharing system. Until now, videos recorded or imported into a Library were always private by default, allowing you to then decide if they should be shared with an athlete, another coach or parent. We often refer to this type of sharing as 'explicit sharing' where the person recording must explicitly decide if the video should be shared. This functionality works great for a typical 1:1 coach/athlete relationship. For example, a golf instructor recording videos of a student taking swings while in a lesson. Perhaps 10-15 videos are recorded, but the coach might only share one or two videos with the student.

With our latest release, version 3.0.7, we now give you the option to create libraries that are 'default private' or 'default shared'. Unlike the 'default private' library described above, a 'default shared' library means that as soon as a video is recorded or imported in a library, it is instantly visible to all members of that particular workspace. In essence, this makes the Library function like a shared folder in Google drive, or Dropbox etc. That is: no matter who records a video in the library (coach/athlete/parent etc) the videos will be visible to everyone without any further interaction. It is truly shared among everyone in the workspace.

A default shared library is extremely useful when an athlete has multiple coaches and all coaches want to be kept in the loop as far as the videos being recorded of the athlete. Example include camps or clinics, or in team scenarios where the head coach isn't always working with every player, but wants to have access to videos that the hitting coach might record.. and without any further effort on anyone's part.

Since the library functions as a shared folder, it means that everyone involved with the athletes training has access to everything easily and instantly.

We know you will find this incredibly useful in certain situations, please reach out if you have suggestions for improvements, and as always, thanks for your support of Onform!

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