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How Top Speed Golf Is Using OnForm For Remote Golf Coaching

Updated: Mar 30

The golf industry has seen a massive influx of remote and online coaching since 2020 (I guess when you are stuck at home it's a great time to virtually connect with a coach to keep the game sharp!) One of our customers, Top Speed Golf, has taken remote coaching to an entirely new level. We recently sat down with Robin Rosado, Director of Instruction, to discuss how they have replaced their old V1 system with OnForm.

A few key things that Robin mentioned were:

  1. OnForm has cut down their video coaching from 6+ hours to around 2 hours thanks to fast server upload time and the fact that videos, notes and all communications for each golfer are stored in one workspace.

  2. OnForm allowed Robin the ability to quickly reply to a customer through the chat function, which has been well received by their customers. A quick reply after receiving a notification creates a deeper relationship between coach and student.

  3. Top Speed Golf's students have unlimited access to their coaches through a monthly subscription and OnForm is the software that allows them to stay organized.

  4. Having the right video comparison, annotation and analysis tools enables them to work with thousands of golfers each month.

While we know OnForm isn't going to replace all of the competition, we do think it's changing the game for many of our users. Our fast, modern design allows you to coach while we take care of the behind-the-scenes stuff. OnForm is loved by thousands of coaches in over 100 different sports, any movement that can be recorded can be improved!

Let us know how OnForm has changed your life...yeah we said it... but we hear it all the time and we're thankful to help so many people out there. If OnForm has changed your life as a coach, please comment or tag us on social media and tell us about it!!

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