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Visualize Movement With Skeleton Tracking

Updated: 2 days ago

New as of November 2023: Onform now supports joint angle tracking and segment selection. Just tap on a joint to cycle through the inside/outside angle, and tap on a segment to turn it on or off.

Our latest release offers an amazing new feature designed to help you and your athletes better visualize movement: skeleton tracking. This new AI powered feature helps you find areas of improvement like never before. You will need an iPhone XS or newer, or a 2018 iPad Pro or newer as it requires an AI capable processor (A12 or M1 or newer) to do the processing that is required for the visualization.

This feature works with any video (new or old) to overlay a skeleton and more clearly see motion and how the body and joints work together. Not only does this provide great visualization when the video is paused, but it even works when the video is played.

With zero delay and no need to be connected to the internet, you can enable this visualization feature at any time and for any sport where a person is in frame:

It can also be used in side-by-side comparison mode:

The technology that enables us to visualize the skeleton is rapidly advancing. New computer vision capabilities, machine learning and biomechanics through the use of computer models of the human body are the subject of intense technical developments. This is truly the beginning of an era that will see rapid progress toward helping you improve as an athlete, monitor performance and diagnose issues like never before. OnForm will continue to push the boundaries of applied science and bring new capabilities as the technology allows all in an effort to make you a better athlete and a better coach. We care deeply about the user experience and making truly useful tools for you so you can reach your true potential. That is our mission, and it is our entire focus.

Give it a try today and we would love to see how you use this functionality. Be sure to share some pictures and videos on social media and tag us @getonform.

We're just getting started!


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