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What PGA Pros Tell Us They Love About OnForm And Why They Switched

We've seen a lot of growth over the last couple years thanks to the adoption of our app among thousands of PGA pros. After personally speaking with hundreds of instructors, I thought I'd summarize the key features and benefits that THEY tell us they appreciate about OnForm and what got them to switch from their former coaching platform. Here's a quote from a coach after a recent release of some new features (our 'instructor cam' addition to our voiceover tools):

"This is such an awesome addition to the app, you guys rock. My business is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the opportunity that your app has provided."

We hear that a lot! And it's what keeps us motivated to keep delivering great functionality for coaches. Here's that list of most commonly heard kudos:

#1. Ease of use, reliability and speed

I most often hear our customers thank us not for the fancy bells and whistles, but instead appreciate that the app is easy to use, it's fast, hardly ever crashes and it doesn't get in their way while coaching. Just like in sports, business and life, if you're going to really succeed you have to nail the basics.

#2. Price

At just $299/year for unlimited students and unlimited videos, and all your students use the app for free our pricing can't be beat. How do we do it? Because our app is built on the latest cloud-native mobile technology, we take advantage of the best-in-breed development and cloud services which allows us to pass along incredibly cost-effective subscriptions to our customers.

#3. Clear stop-motion high speed video

Lets face it, it's a video app and you're using video for coaching. You'd better have great video! We are the only app to enable manual shutterspeed controls to give you amazingly good stop-motion video even when indoors. And of course we support 1080p HD video at 240fps.

#4. Clients love it and stay engaged

I love when coaches let us know that their clients love the app. We make it easy to share, analyze video and chat between coach and client, and all your clients get free use of OnForm when they are connected to a paid coach. Ease of use and great functionality win again!

#5. Voiceovers & AI Features (a tie for 5th and 6th)

Voiceovers are the 'product' that a coach creates when analyzing video. It's the feedback loop that we enable with easy recording and sharing. And, it's fast! Comparisons, annotations we've got it... along with AI powered features like skeleton tracking, auto-detect camera and more coming!

If you have not tried these features for yourself, what are you waiting for?

Contact us to learn more and get a FREE 1:1 Zoom demo so you'll be up to speed in no time.. stress free and fast.

Thanks for reading!

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