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Wireless Airplay Now Supported For Screen Mirroring To A Television Monitor

With the release of our latest app update (version 2.03.1), you can now wirelessly connect to a TV using Apple Airplay and use almost all of the features of the app without issue. Previously, we only supported wired connections to external TV's from your iPad or iPhone. This includes the ability to record, playback and use annotations.

Support for Airplay makes it dramatically easier to use OnForm in a studio setting or any indoor facility. With the ability to record and replay video on a nearby television, you can more easily enable your students and athletes to see themselves and understand areas for improvement.

Note that the ability to create a voiceover while connected to wireless Airplay is still a limitation. You will need a wired connection (USB-C to HDMI cable) if you want to conduct a voiceover recording while connected to a TV. This is a limitation with the underlying Apple operating system that will hopefully be rectified in a future iOS release. Until then, you can simply pause the Airplay sharing and record a voiceover on your device.

We hope this improved compatibility with Apple's wireless Airplay will simplify and enhance your coaching capabilities and make it a little easier to use so that you can focus on delivering your expertise to improve your athletes.

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