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Working Offline with OnForm

We've designed OnForm to easily allow you to work offline and auto-sync to the cloud seamlessly when you are back in WiFi or cell coverage. But a few challenges arise when working offline, mainly, how do I access my previously recorded videos when offline?

We've solved this by creating a couple different ways to always keep your videos on your local device so they are always accessible, even when offline.

First, any video can be 'Starred' which will make it a favorite, this tells our archiving system not to remove it from your local device.

Second, you can share any video into your Reference Content folder which will also preserve your videos so they are accessible offline.

Third, you can control the archive settings (the duration after you've recorded a video when a video is removed from your device but kept accessible in the cloud by tapping on it) simply by opening the OnForm Settings, then go to Local Cache. Here you can choose the number of days before a recorded video is archived, or turn it off altogether.

Because videos can be very large, it's a balance of ensuring your device doesn't fill up with videos, but also having key videos available to you when you are teaching.

Using these three methods should help you manage device storage, ensure you always have key videos available offline, and give you full control of using your devices as you see fit.

Please watch our Optimizing Storage video on our YouTube channel for more details.

Finally.. be sure you login on your devices with the same email account to access OnForm, that way you'll always be in sync, and you can login on up to 4 devices at once!


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