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Side by Side Pro-Am Video Capture

We capture each pro-am participant's swing and create a side-by-side comparison video with their pro partner, branded for the sponsor

Step 1 : Record Pro's Swing

OnForm employee will use an iPad to record the Pro's swing.


Step 2 : Record Amateur Swing & Create Comparison

Next, an OnForm team member will record each amateur's swing and create a side by side comparison of the pro vs. the amateur. This can be done from a down-the-line view or face-on, as shown here.


Step 3 : Send Video Link To Amateur, View in Branded Web Page

Lastly, we immediately save the side-by-side video to the cloud and share it with the pro-am participant via email or text. They can watch it anytime using a simple web browser from a computer or phone.

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 5.22.47 PM.png

Our team handles all the logistics and it creates a memory that pro-am participants will have forever!

Contact to discuss having us at your tournament!

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