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How To Transfer your videos From Hudl Technique to OnForm

Read the announcement: OnForm has acquired Hudl Technique


Watch this video to see how you can migrate your videos, tags and athletes in a snap! Or, follow the steps below.

After you transfer your videos to OnForm, you can easily search and organize them, or even copy them to an individual workspace. This video shows you how.

  • What videos will be transfered?
    Our transfer process will automatically move any video from Hudl Technique that has been saved to the cloud and that was recorded OR viewed since January 1, 2020. All videos will be moved with their tag and athlete name so you can easily search within OnForm to find the video you are looking for. Any videos that are only on your device will not be transferred and you will need to either save them to your camera roll and import them into OnForm, or, share them to yourself within Technique (which moves the video to the cloud) via the email sharing tool in Technique, then repeat the import process.
  • Where do the videos go once transferred?
    You will see a new 'Hudl Technique Videos' folder which will house all your videos. The tag and name of the person the videos were shared or tagged with will also be transferred and associated with the video. Once transferred, you will be able to use our search tools to find videos by tag and/or person. You will be able to immediately use any video for comparison, drawing markup etc. just as if you recorded it in OnForm.
  • I'm a paid Technique user. What benefits do I get on OnForm?
    Please email with the subject "paid Technique user" to receive a special offer for free credits to use OnForm, pro-rated from your Technique account. ---- OnForm has many benefits over Hudl Technique, for starters, all video is maintained in HD quality even when sharing with students/athletes in the app, as well as the voiceover lessons/reviews are all HD. When you pay for an OnForm Coach account, you get unlimted videos, unlimited clients and your clients/athletes/students don't pay anything. They also get unlimited videos to share with you. A key difference is built-in private chat messaging, so you can keep all your coaching communications in one place. Our cloud-native architecture provides automatic cloud backup for all videos and files, and we have an auto archive that keeps your device from filling up. We also offer unlimited video storage for coaches and all their athletes, this is a signficant benefit given the cost of storing potentially tens of thousands of videos. Checkout our article here to learn more:
  • After videos are transferred, what do I do?"
    OnForm is best when you create individual workspaces for each of your active clients/students. You can simply tap the "+" button on the Home screen to add a person (student/client/athlete), from there, a new chat thread and Library will be created. If you'd like, you can then transfer videos easily from the Hudl Technique folder to the person's newly created individual workspace. Here's a video on adding a person: Now, you can organize and share videos to your athletes individual workspace, here's a video to demonstrate the process: Since we keep the student's name and tags in place, you can tap on the search bar in the Hudl Technique Import folder, then select the student you are interested in. Then, tap select, and select-all, next tap the "share" icon and you can share all those videos over to the individual Library for that person. You will need to first add the person to your OnForm account as an invididual if you have not already done that.
  • Can I run the import multiple times?
    Yes! You can re-run the import anytime and it will fetch any new video that you record in Technique and save to the cloud, or any new video that is opened since you last ran the import utility (which has been saved to the cloud). If you have a video that is "on device" only, you can share it to yourself via the email sharing feature in Technique, which will make sure the video is in the cloud, then re-run the import.
  • When will Hudl Technique be discontinued?
    We will support existing Technique users and you may continue to use the app until September 1, 2021. After that date, videos will no longer be available for migration to OnForm.
  • Some of my videos show a black screen in Hudl Technique, what's going on?"
    After a lengthy period of time, those videos are removed from Technique. These videos have become unwatchable and we are unable to transfer them to OnForm.
  • What if I find a video that I want to transfer, but I've already done the migration?"
    No problem! Just go back and re-run the migration tool, any new videos that you recently opened or recorded will be found and transferred over, so if you have a very old video in Technique that you want transferred, make sure you open it and play it within Technique (just for a few seconds) and it will be flagged so you can transfer it the next time you run the migration tool. NOTE: the import system will only move videos that are on the Technique Cloud - share the video to yourself using the email sharing tool in Technique to move the video to the cloud.
  • How long does it take to transfer all my videos?
    Our process is quite fast and can take just a few minutes, or up to an hour if you have thousands of videos. Just sit tight and let our cloud(s) do the work for you! Once the process is initiated, you can simply check back at a later time to see if it's done. You can cancel the process and re-run it if needed, also, you can use other apps like your mail or texting and let it run in the background too.
  • Will the pro videos migrate from Technique?
    No, the pro model videos will not be migrated.
  • Does this include Hudl Technique Golf app too?
    Yes, both the Hudl Technique app and the Hudl Technique Golf app are part of the transition. Both apps will be discontinued. You can transfer your videos from the Hudl cloud using the same process no matter which app you are using.
  • What happens with Hudl Technique?
    The Technique app will continue to work as you are used to until an anticipated shut-down date of September 1st. You many continue to use the app as needed to ensure you migrate videos or save videos to your own computer until then.
  • Why is OnForm more expensive than Technique?
    When you subscribe to our coach or team package, your students/athletes get the ability to record and import unlimited videos without needing to pay anything extra. Their videos and the lessons you share with them are automatically backed up on our private cloud backend. Automatic storage management is included allowing them to keep all the lessons you have shared with them and any videos they record.The net effect is that by subsidizing their use (students pay nothing) through your subscription, they will practice more, learn faster and become better, hopefully leading to better long-term results for you. For the sport of Golf, your students/athletes also get the benefit of using our unique and proprietary Practice Partner Feature ( allowing them to use the learnings they have obtained from you on the range much more easily. We plan to introduce similar features for other sports as well. Finally, from a business standpoint, we are dedicated to serving you over the long-term. For that, we need to able to build a sustainable business allowing us to fund the development of cutting-edge features, like Automatic Swing Detection, Practice Partner, Voice Dictation, Robust communication tools, Cloud storage etc. We will be taking the OnForm video analysis coaching platform further than anyone else thus delivering more and more value to you as time goes on. This is our only focus as we do not sell hardware and other software. Even Apple charges $9.99USD for 2TB of storage, we provide unlimited storage for coaches and all your clients, which is a significant benefit alone given the potential of managing tens of thousands of videos. We appreciate your interest and look forward to serving you for years to come.
  • What about Android users?
    At this time, our Android app is only designed for athletes working with a coach. We've focused our resources in perfecting the Apple experience. We do intend to improve support for Android in the future but it's on our long term roadmap and not something we will be working on in the near-term. Unfortunately, there is no migration solution for Android users. You will need to save any videos to your local photo camera roll on your device. Note that the Technique android app did not have cloud backup, so all your videos are already locally stored. You can simply tap them and 'save to camera roll'. FYI, Hudl removed the Android app over 1.5 years ago from the Play store and support for it has ended.

How to transfer your videos from Hudl Technique to OnForm

Step 1

Open the OnForm app and tap the "circle-dot" icon on the HOME screen, then tap "Import videos from Hudl Technique"


Step 2

Login using your Hudl Technique credentials and we'll fetch your videos from the Technique cloud.


Step 3

Your videos will appear in the Hudl Technique Videos folder and you can use them right away!

Note that all tags and athlete names are preserved from the import so you can easily search the folder and find your old videos.

We also include a .csv file containing all client names and email addresses so you won't lose contact information.


Next Steps:

Now that you've migrated your videos, watch our getting started videos on YouTube and you can read about the differences between OnForm and Technique

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