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How To Transfer your videos From Hudl Technique to OnForm

Read the announcement: OnForm has acquired Hudl Technique


Watch this video to see how you can migrate your videos, tags and athletes in a snap! Or, follow the steps below.

After you transfer your videos to OnForm, you can easily search and organize them, or even copy them to an individual workspace. This video shows you how.

How to transfer your videos from Hudl Technique to OnForm

Step 1

Open the OnForm app and tap the "circle-dot" icon on the HOME screen, then tap "Import videos from Hudl Technique"


Step 2

Login using your Hudl Technique credentials and we'll fetch your videos from the Technique cloud.


Step 3

Your videos will appear in the Hudl Technique Videos folder and you can use them right away!

Note that all tags and athlete names are preserved from the import so you can easily search the folder and find your old videos.

We also include a .csv file containing all client names and email addresses so you won't lose contact information.


Next Steps:

Now that you've migrated your videos, watch our getting started videos on YouTube and you can read about the differences between OnForm and Technique

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