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Our Mission:

Helping People Achieve Their True Potential

Our Story

The history behind Onform begins when the founders Krishna Ramachandran and Gear Fisher met each other in 2013. Krishna had started a company called Ubersense as a way to help him learn golf by using video to analyze his swing. At the time, Gear, as the Co-Founder and CEO of TrainingPeaks, was looking to expand their offering by adding video, possibly through a strategic partnership with Ubersense. Although that didn't pan out, they developed a respect for each other and appreciated their acquaintance. Ubersense was eventually acquired by Hudl and rebranded as the app Hudl Technique.

Fast forward to 2018 when Gear and Krishna had both decided to move on from their previous companies, they got back in touch and explored the potential of creating a new coaching solution that would take advantage of the latest technology which had advanced significantly over the years. Their goal was to leverage AI, machine learning and cloud infrastructure to create a new platform that would help coaches and athletes learn a skill in any sport, and video was core to this effort.

After 18 months of development, Onform launched in March 2020 and they have not looked back since. In May of 2021 Onform acquired the Hudl Technique app back from Hudl and spent the Summer and Fall migrating customers to the Onform app. Today, Onform continues to grow and progress quickly and will continue to do so by bringing new functionality and better tools to coaches so they can help anyone achieve their true potential.

Meet the Team

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