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Simple yet Powerful Video Analysis and Coaching Solution for Golf Instructors

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Onform was created to help golf instructors provide video feedback, stay organized and communicate with their students​

Visualize Movement with Skeleton Tracking

Analyze specific joints & segments for in-depth movement analysis

Side by Side golfer skeleton screenshot

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor Integration

Get ball and club data on every swing auto-captured hands free

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Capture Every Angle with Multi-Cam

Capture up to four angles simultaneously for in-depth athlete form review

Multi-Cam-Blog Post-T&F v2.png

OnForm combines video analysis tools with modern chat messaging so that you can communicate with students and share your knowledge beyond the lesson tee.  Un-chain yourself from the practice tee and provide feedback anytime, anywhere.  Because OnForm is "cloud native", we sync every video to the cloud seamlessly, and you'll be able to privately share and communicate with your students, anytime. 

Read how we compare with:

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Big News! OnForm has acquired Hudl Technique, read more

What our customer's are saying:

"I started using Onform in January 2021, after recommendations from fellow coaches who had started using the application. Having been a long time user, and fan of the Hudl Technique application, I was interested in the features, functionality, and more importantly the similarity of OnForm to the app I had been using. 

I am pleased to say that OnForm have not only matched the features and functions of Hudl, they have added many more amazing features including a self contained messaging system, to keep all pupil communication in app.

I can only recommend the OnForm extremely highly, and the support team are amazing too."

  -Billy Irvine - PGA Golf Professional - Full Time Golf Coach


Frustrated with your existing video coaching solution? 

What can Onform do for you?

​OnForm can help you with the full cycle of skill improvement from the lesson-tee where are auto-detect camera acts like a 2nd pair of eyes automatically recording every swing, to providing feedback when your client needs it with notifications and simple badges in the app.  With the ability to communicate remotely using voice-over lessons and private text messaging, all your student communications can be found in one place.


Auto-detect Camera Is Your 2nd Set of Eyes

Our intelligent, AI powered auto-detect mode recognizes and captures a golf swing without interruption while you give a lesson. Setup your iPhone or iPad and simply move inside the dotted-box and swing away. Works great for face-on or down-the-line camera angles, and no need to pause or interrupt your flow while teaching!

Screenshot from app showing auto-detect

Video Analysis For You and Your Student

Review swings instantly with our side-by-side or overlay tools. Use drawings to markup a swing and identify key areas for improving your students' form. Easy, accurate tools make it simple and useful. 

Screenshot from app showing side by side golfing

Encourage Student Practice Between Lessons

The auto-detect camera is also great for your students, making it simple to capture their practice swings on the range or while playing a round. Using advanced computer vision and AI, OnForm is able to watch as they swing and create individual video clips, review in slow motion and title each clip with voice dictation.

Quick and Simple Organization

Organize all your videos by person, by date, and with notes. Searching is instant and easy so you'll never lose another video on your camera roll again.

iPad showing Onform app

Video Analysis Features For Golf Coaches


Private Messaging

Share videos directly with one or multiple people using our private direct messaging system. Fast and secure.


5 Recording Modes

Trigger the camera with multiple recording options like Auto-Capture or remote trigger from an Apple watch or bluetooth button.


Video Annotation

Use our drawing tools to add arrows, angles and lines to pinpoint where you see areas of improvement for your athletes.


Cloud Storage

Every video is automatically backed up to our private cloud so you can use multiple devices and your videos are always safe.


240fps Slowmo

Access all your camera lenses including 240 fps capture at 1080p. You'll get smooth frame by frame scrolling playback in all modes.


Group Communication

Send bulk messages or share videos to hundreds of people at once with customer groups and collections of individuals.

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