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Heavy Lifting

Video Analysis App for Olympic Weightlifting and Strength & Conditioning Coaches

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Onform helps you analyze form and pinpoint feedback


"I’ve used OnForm with a number of newer athletes and it’s been an invaluable tool in teaching the Olympic lifts and building rapport. The audio commentary has been a big part of having conversations and truly COACHING athletes from afar while the split screen comparison, slow motion capabilities and drawing features help me better explain positional errors. It’s allowed me to meet the athlete where they are and be a more effective coach" 

  - Coach Julia Falamas
    Tribe Strength Lab




"With the onset of the pandemic, I was convinced we needed a new way to coach our athletes in and out of the gym. OnForm provides Austin Barbell a platform to allow for this. With voice-over, zoom, group chat, and onscreen annotations we keep our athletes lifting and prepare them for competition no matter where they are."

- Coach Rob Ronan



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