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Are Your Videos Held Hostage?

If you’re thinking about making the switch to OnForm, but your current coaching app is holding you hostage by not allowing bulk export of your videos, perhaps consider that OnForm will NEVER lock you in. In our app, you can bulk export every video you’ve ever recorded or imported in a matter of seconds. At any time you can export your videos to Google Drive, Dropbox, your camera roll or anywhere else you feel comfortable keeping them.

Now don’t worry, we manage our private cloud on the backbone of Google Cloud, so your videos are safely stored long-term with us. But, unlike other apps that only allow you to export one video at a time, we allow you to bulk export ALL your videos at once. We’re not afraid of competition, and we would never hold your videos hostage if you want to switch.

We believe that our job is to earn your trust and your business every single day, and as long as you’re happy, we hope you’ll stay a customer. But if you ever stop coaching or see the need to move on, we get it. You can take your videos with you at any time, no hassle and no questions asked. That’s what we would expect from any service provider and you should not settle for anything less.

If you are thinking of switching to OnForm for your coaching business, please consider that we want to be a long term partner with you and we will always strive to earn your support and never lock you in.

Thanks for reading,

Team OnForm

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