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Auto Detect Recording Improved To Support 1080p @ 120fps and recognizes Baseball Swings And Pitches

We're excited to announce that our auto-detect camera recording mode has been dramatically improved with the latest app update, version 2.03.1. Previously, auto-detect recording was limited to 720p @ 60fps but we have now enhanced it to 1080p @ 120 fps to better capture high speed action. We've also enabled it to record baseball swings and pitches!

Coupled with the ability to manually control the iPhone or iPad's shutterspeed to nearly eliminate motion-blur, you can capture your golf swing or baseball swing or pitch HANDS FREE! Even connect your app to wireless Airplay and you'll get a slow motion replay of every swing.

Thanks to a totally rewritten camera module inside OnForm, you'll also notice snappier performance. We've also added some improvements to auto-detect including the ability to turn on/off audio-cues which let you know that the device is ready and able to record your swing. Auto-detect even listens for voice feedback after each swing/pitch and adds your voice dictated notes to every video clip if you choose. This feature can be disabled too with a new button on the recording interface too.

Coaches will appreciate the enhanced capabilities of auto-detect during lessons as it will improve their ability to see the finer points of the swing and pinpoint areas of improvement. Athletes will love the ability to record their swings or pitches without the need for another person to manage the camera.

This feature is available now and is included in the personal or coach subscription.


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