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Elevating Track & Field Coaching Through Innovative Video Analysis

Updated: Feb 5

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In the world of track & field, success often hinges on those tiny, seemingly insignificant details. Athletes and coaches know that even a 1% improvement can make all the difference. That's why they're constantly on the lookout for tools and techniques that can help them reach their full potential. Onform is gaining significant traction among coaches worldwide as a game-changing app designed to enhance the coaching experience through video analysis. Explore how Onform addresses the specific needs of track & field coaches, revolutionizing coaching methodologies and pushing athletes toward peak performance.

Coaches understand that track & field is a sport of details, and that's precisely where Onform shines. It provides a platform for in-depth video analysis, helping coaches spot the smallest adjustments that can lead to significant improvements in their athletes' performance. But don't just take our word for it; let's hear from a seasoned track & field coach who has experienced the benefits firsthand.

image of Brian Bedard, head track & field coach at Colorado state headshot with track in the background

Brian Bedard, head track & field coach at Colorado State University and a renowned throws coach, had this to say about Onform: "Onform is cutting-edge, and the top app in the industry right now. My athletes love the Onform app because most of them are visual learners, so that helps in the learning process, and it's a huge tool in my coaching." According to Coach Bedard, Onform's visual learning tools contribute significantly to the learning process, making it a valuable asset in track & field coaching.

“What's great about Onform is that my entire staff can use Onform and separate into groups and easily share videos amongst their athletes. This is one of the huge benefits of using Onform—the organizational side of it. It makes sharing and retrieving videos from practice so much easier."

Onform isn't just another app; it's a tool developed with the input of coaches to meet their specific needs. Brian Bedard highlighted the continuous improvement aspect, saying, "Since using Onform, what I've been really impressed with is the engineering side of it. The team at Onform is constantly learning and striving to make changes to the app that will benefit coaches, and they are in constant communication with coaches to get feedback."

Key Advancements in Track & Field Coaching with Onform

  1. Cloud Storage: Overcoming a common challenge, Onform provides unlimited video recording and local cloud storage, eliminating concerns about storage constraints on devices.

  2. Communication Tools: Onform streamlines communication, offering group and private messaging features. Coaches and athletes can effortlessly share videos and insights, fostering collaboration within large teams or clubs.

  3. Organization Features: Simplifying video organization, Onform allows coaches to categorize athletes based on training or event categories. The tagging feature enhances video retrieval, saving time and effort.

  4. Video Analysis Capabilities: Onform empowers coaches with robust video analysis tools, including slow-motion playback, video annotation, and Skeleton Tracking. These features facilitate detailed technique breakdowns, driving athlete improvement.

Onform is a game-changer for track & field coaches and athletes. With its user-friendly features, cloud storage, efficient communication tools, and great video analysis capabilities, it's no wonder coaches like Brian Bedard are singing its praises. If you're looking to take your coaching to the next level and help your athletes achieve their best, Onform might just be the missing piece of the puzzle. Try it out and witness the transformative power of video analysis in track & field coaching.

Book a free 1:1 private Zoom demo with me and witness the transformative power of video analysis in track & field coaching.

-Lexie Keller

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Spence Melvin
Spence Melvin
a day ago

Coaches like Brian Bedard are raving about Onform because of its intuitive interface, cloud storage, effective communication tools, and fantastic video analysis capabilities. basketball legends

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