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March Feature Updates: Timers, Unread Messages and Remembering the Video Playback Location

To start your week off, we just released some great new updates to the OnForm iOS app for Apple iPhone, iPad and M1 powered laptops. We love hearing from customers so we can build the features that make your life easier, more organized, and more efficient. If you have a suggestion for a feature, please contact us via email, from within the app or use the chat button on our website. We read and respond to every message! Let's check out our most recent updates.

Pause a timer

We've had the ability to add a timer/stopwatch to videos for quite a while, but now they come with a nifty trick: 'tap to pause'. Let's say you want to time a backswing and the downswing for a golfer. Watch the video below to see how easy and handy this is:

Unread messages at the top

If you're a busy coach, and we know you are, you're getting a ton of messages in the app. This latest update brings all unread messages to the top of your Home screen so you can quickly see everyone that needs your attention.

Unread notices section

Remembering the playback position within a video

Perhaps a small thing, but also very useful too, we now remember the location where you last left-off playing a video. That is, if you are playing a video and pause it, then close the video and come back to it, the video will pick up where you last were and continue playing form that spot forward. This is especially useful with longer videos. A short demo is below.

Lesson booking link

This was such a big addition, that we created a dedicated blog post just for it, but it's worth mentioning again. You can now add a lesson booking URL into your profile which makes booking a new lesson easily available to your students.

We hope you enjoy these new features and it makes your experience, and your client's experience even better while using OnForm.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions by getting in touch with us at

Thanks for reading!

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