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New! Share a Video Via Email or Text

Today we released version 1.96 of OnForm with several bug fixes and a major new feature: sharing via email with a link. Hudl Technique customers will appreciate this new method of sharing videos as it works very similar to the way most coaches were sharing videos in Technique: with an email link. OnForm has had the ability to share by email, but the video was included as an attachment, now, we simply pass a link over to your email app which is much faster and more reliable.

To try it out, just long-press any video thumbnail in the Chat or Library and tap 'Share', on the sharing panel, tap "Share via email". We will immediately generate a unique URL and pass that over to your default email app on your device. You can then enter the email address of the recipient and send it. See below:

We've designed this feature to leverage your own email app on your device. That is, we don't actually send the email, you do, no different than any other email you send, we simply populate the subject and message body with the appropriate links and you can send it off. This requires that you either know the email address of the person you are sending it to, and, to make things faster in the future, you can add them to your contact list on your device for quick input in future emails.

Below is a screenshot of the resulting video that is displayed in a web browser, feel free to click the image:

This design is different than how Hudl Technique sent email links. Technique sent the email through their servers, often causing long delays, and almost always resulting in the email being delivered to spam. We avoid these issues by simply having you send the email.

If you don't want to send it via email, you are welcome to copy and paste the link and put it in social media or any other messaging app you use.

It's worth noting the speed of this feature. From the time you record a video and press 'stop', you can tap 'share' and send the email in seconds. The only real processing time is that of the uploading process. There's no faster way to record a video and share it with someone. Period. Our optimized capture, upload and share pipeline is blazing fast.

Using this feature along with our best-practice of inviting a client and sharing app-to-app, give you the ultimate in flexibility. Email link sharing will give you new levels of convenience and improve your workflow in situations where you just need to send a video and be done with it. Of course it works with voice-overs and any other video in OnForm.

Thanks for reading!

-Gear & Krishna

Co-Founders, OnForm, Inc.

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While this is fine and dandy, why not RE-FOCUS your development on an Android version of the onform Coach? This email and blog MAKES NO SENSE if HALF of the mobile world is excluded from your app since it's APPLE ONLY, and -yet- you are going to kill HUDL that works on Android.

Makes as much sense as building a mud house during a monsoon....


That's a fair comment. But my rebuttal is that you had enough to buy out HUDL. When you buy out a competitor, you obviously have their source code. If you don't you negotiated badly. HUDL has the source for an Android Coach, why not leverage it? And may be enhance it as the framework is already there, build the pipelines into your existing backend.

If you cannot do that or willing to do that, perhaps you should consider extending HUDL till September 2022 to give others like myself time to move away, or search for alternatives.

To me, just issuing a blanket shutdown notice on HUDL with very little time, is not right. Add to that you do not have…

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