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Sharing Your Knowledge: 3 Ways To Share Videos Using OnForm

Video analysis is the core of what we do. Helping coaches to assess an athlete's form and provide feedback using drawing markup tools and voiceovers is a key feature of our app. Sharing your knowledge is made easier by the built-in sharing features in OnForm. Since videos can be very cumbersome, we've focused on making the process fast and incredibly simple. There are three easy ways to share a video with your athlete: 1) app to app, 2) via email or weblink and 3) embedding into other apps. We'll cover each below.

App to app sharing

The default mode of sharing a video is "app to app". OnForm is designed like other messaging platforms where each person installs the OnForm app and sharing of videos or text messages occurs directly app-to-app. After recording a video in an athlete's library, you can either open the video and tap the "3 dots" icon and tap share, or from the Library view, long press the video, tap share, then tap on their name.

This method assumes you've added the athlete to OnForm and invited them to join, a simple process described here. This sharing process works because every video that you record in the app is automatically sync'd to our private cloud. When you select the destination person to whom you want to share with, you can also add an optional text message to go along with the video. You can even select multiple people from within OnForm if you'd like. Once sent, they will receive an iOS or Android notification and then by tapping on it they can instantly view the video in their own OnForm app.

We support one to one, one to many and many to many sharing, meaning, you can share in bulk with just a few taps.

Share via email, weblink or with other apps

The other ways to share using the OnForm app are through email or by sharing a weblink, or directly to other 3rd party apps like Instagram or Facebook. With this method, your recipient does not need the OnForm app, rather, you simply send them a link which is viewable on any web browser from a desktop computer or phone.

The resulting video can be viewed on the web as shown below by clicking this link:

These methods provide very flexible options for coaches to share videos quickly and easily. The benefits of each differ, for example, with app-to-app sharing, the recipient will have all their videos in their own private OnForm app, organized by date and can use all the same slow motion playback and annotation features as a coach (for Apple users). Android users have similar organization features by simpler playback tools.

The weblink or email sharing make it very quick and easy and don't require the recipient to have the OnForm app, and the video is playable from virtually any device, albeit without frame-by-frame slow motion and other tools the app provides like side-by-side comparisons.

Note that we've focused here on sharing videos, but OnForm supports multiple formats like images, PDF's, Word documents and more, and they can all be easily managed within the app.

Our mission at OnForm is to help coaches help athletes reach their true potential by providing world class video analysis and sharing tools. Sharing you knowledge quickly and effectively will enable your athletes to improve faster and better, and we are proud to help you coach smarter and save time. Share away!

Thanks for reading!

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