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Dr. Alison Curdt

What got you into coaching?

I’ve been teaching for 18 years. I loved the way it felt to help a player solve a problem, hit the ball better, or understand the golf swing. In high school I worked at a driving range and enjoyed looking at the various swings and contemplating how I would go about fixing them.


Tell us about your style of teaching.

I'm a student centered teacher-meaning I don’t fit the student into a box, I adapt their swing to their body style and work with what they have to make it better. I use video feedback nearly every lesson and use OnForm to stay connected with my students and provide their feedback. I also use launch monitors, putting technology, and neurofeedback tech.


Describe for us how you manage your weekly coaching.

I'm always open to new students and teach 40 hours a week. I'm typically booked out daily so average 7-8 lessons Tuesday - Saturday. All my lessons are booked through my online portal to reserve a time.


Do you have any specific areas you focus on more than just general coaching? 

The mental game is an area of speciality for me as I have a doctorate in clinical psychology. Full swing tends to be the most requested area to work on, but I love on course coaching, and certainly putting and chipping lessons.


What questions from your students and how you could answer them:

1. I only have 10min before the event. What's the best way to warm up?  

Start with short wedges and develop your rhythm for the day. Move into a few 8 irons, then hit 3-4 drives, and go check out the putting green for the speed.


2. How do I record video for my coach? 

Definitely use a tripod and place the camera at hand height when filming. Whether you are directly face on (camera pointed toward chest) or down the line (camera pointed toward the angle the ball would fly) make sure to include the entire body and the entire motion of the club.


3. How best to practice after a lesson? 

Take good notes immediately after the lesson with a few key ideas that resonated with you. Then develop a plan for what days you are going to work on those items and for how long. Its better to go into a session with a game plan and goals in mind than to mindlessly hit balls without intention.

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