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Gary Aldrich

What got you into coaching? 

I have always known I wanted to coach since I can remember.  The thing that changed was the sport.  From the age of 10-12 I thought there was nothing better!!

Tell us about your style of teaching.

I am a drill person.  I like to work on combining the physics and the feel which is perfect for who and where I coach.  Filming is the main tool!!  Onform is the main Tool!!  I believe in Volume, Time on Task!!  But the big thing is finding the cue which works for each individual.  The same words don’t mean the same for everyone.  The Art of Coaching

Describe for us how you manage your weekly coaching.

We practice M-F then have meets on the weekends.  Again because of the school I am at I have to be very mindful of the time because of the academic rigor at our school, class conflicts, and so on.  So again it becomes very individualized.

Do you have any specific areas you focus on more than just general coaching?

 Well, Academics is huge, but we focus on many characteristics that the S-A will need once they leave here and go into the real world.  Time Management, Not procrastinating, reading emails and not just subject lines, and responding in a prompt manner.  Things that will serve them well in their lives after college.  We have Nutritionists, Sports Psychologists available, and much more.

What are some common questions from your athletes?

1. I only have 10min before the event. What's the best way to warm up? 

If you only have 10 minutes my answer would be why?  To succeed on a test do you only prepare for 10 minutes?  Get there so you can do the proper warmup and drill progression to prepare you to succeed.


2. How do I record video for my coach? 

Easy! Right in the OnForm App.  When the athletes do it they share and I can see if I am working with the High Jumpers at that time.  Or I come back and see a throw they are really excited about.  The tools that OnFom has with overlaying, drawing, and skeletal points, are all incredibly valuable to me and my program!!


3. How best to practice after a lesson?  

Take the time to go back, review your film, and watch for the points we talked about.  Read and watch other films to educate yourself to be the best you can be!!  Be a Student of the Sport, Event, Technique!  Learn, Grow, Develop!!

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