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Video Analysis App for Physical Therapists and Their Patients

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Simplified Video Communication for Remote Physical Therapy

Enhance Your Physical Therapy Practice with Onform

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in healthcare, assisting individuals in managing pain, enhancing mobility, and recovering from injuries or surgeries. With advancements in technology, remote therapeutic monitoring has gained popularity among physical therapists, offering a flexible and efficient way to deliver care. Onform, a leading video analysis app, is at the forefront of this technology, enabling physical therapists to connect with patients easily, even from afar.

Why Choose Remote Therapeutic Monitoring with Onform?


Expand Your Reach: Onform empowers physical therapists to extend their services to patients in rural or remote areas where access to healthcare may be limited. By leveraging video conferencing and Onform's video analysis tools, you can provide essential care to those who might otherwise be unable to receive it.

Save Time and Reduce Costs: Remote sessions eliminate the need for patients to travel to a clinic, saving both time and transportation costs. For physical therapists, this means the ability to see more patients within the same timeframe, optimizing your schedule and enhancing efficiency.

Deliver Personalized Care: Onform allows you to observe patients in their home environment, offering valuable insights into their daily routines and challenges. This enables the creation of more tailored and effective treatment plans, improving the overall quality of care.

Utilize Video Analysis Tools: One of the standout features of Onform is its video analysis capability. Record videos of patients performing exercises and analyze their movements to pinpoint areas for improvement. Provide precise feedback and corrective guidance, ensuring that patients can refine their techniques even when you're not physically present.


Monitor Progress Over Time: Track your patients' progress by recording and reviewing their exercise videos regularly. Onform's video analysis tools make it easy to measure improvement and adjust treatment plans as needed, creating better outcomes and sustained progress.

Convenient and Effective: Remote therapeutic monitoring through Onform is not only convenient but also highly effective. By incorporating video analysis into your practice, you can maintain consistent communication with patients, monitor their development, and deliver high-quality, personalized care from any location.

Join the Future of Physical Therapy: Communicate with you patients, monitor their progress, and provide personalized care, all from a distance. This approach to physical therapy has the potential to improve access to care, save time and money, and improve outcomes for patients.

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