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Video Analysis & Coaching App for Swimming

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Customer spotlight:

"We use Onform for analyzing 150 swimmers every week, and the ease of use, cloud storage and video tools are phenomenal. We also love the communication features which work so fast and easily. I can't recommend it highly enough!"

John Waldman, President
Fluid Mechanics |
Discover for yourself how our easy to use video coaching app can help streamline your practice, improve your feedback and elevate your coaching.
Free to get started and affordable to use with no cost to your athletes and you'll never run out of storage again. Download today and find out why top swim coaches are using Onform to coach smarter and improve swimmers faster.
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Analyze and stay organized

We enable you to provide quick video feedback and share it easily in full HD quality so you can focus on coaching and not technology. Easily include parents when sharing your voiceover recordings or just quick clips while on the deck.

Voiceovers, markup, side-by-side comparisons are fast and easy to manage with our all in one coach subscription.

Perhaps best of all, our cloud storage and backup system ensure your phone and iPad won't fill up even after thousands of videos.


Message and share videos instantly

With our 'Collections' feature, you can easily share videos with your swimmers and separate them by training groups allowing you to stay organized all season.


You can also easily broadcast messages and videos to the entire group with just a single tap, ensuring your athletes and parents stay connected and up to date.


Side by Side and Overlays

Easily compare multiple videos to evaluate differences in a swimmer's stroke. Help highlight strengths and weaknesses to ensure athletes understand exactly where and how they can improve.

Overlays let you see exactly where changes occur and help clearly identify key technique improvements.

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Record, tag and share effortlessly

Our recording workflow allows you to easily switch athletes, record a video, share it, and switch to another athlete without ever leaving the camera recording interface. It's perfectly suited to a busy pool or swim meet where you have mutiple swimmers to record during a race.

We also have pre-tag recording so you can denote a tag like 'breast stroke' or 'drill' or 'kick' and choose to immediately share every video taken with your swimmer or their parents, all with no extra button taps. 

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Video Analysis Features For Swim Coaches


Private Messaging

Share videos directly with one or multiple people using our private direct messaging system. Fast and secure.


5 Recording Modes

Trigger the camera with multiple recording options like Auto-Capture or remote trigger from an Apple watch or bluetooth button.


Video Annotation

Use our drawing tools to add arrows, angles and lines to pinpoint where you see areas of improvement for your athletes.


Cloud Storage

Every video is automatically backed up to our private cloud so you can use multiple devices and your videos are always safe.


240fps Slowmo

Access all your camera lenses including 240 fps capture at 1080p. You'll get smooth frame by frame scrolling playback in all modes.


Group Communication

Send bulk messages or share videos to hundreds of people at once with customer groups and collections of individuals.

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