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Version 2.0 for iOS Released

We're excited to announce the release of OnForm version 2.0 for iOS. What's new? Read on and discover how we continue to make improvements so you can save time, stay organized and provide amazing feedback to your clients/students/athletes.

Shutter Speed and ISO Controls to reduce motion-blur

If you want stop motion video, then you need to have a fast shutter speed in order to catch that action with clarity. Because this is such a powerful new feature, we have a special blog post with additional information to learn more.

Customize your invite template

Located in the app's settings section, you can customize the wording of your invite to make it sound familiar and friendly in your own words. Add your name, company name and make sure your clients feel welcome in your own way.

Compare the same video in side-by-side or overlay mode

If you need to show the same video at different points in the video, you can now select the same video for side-by-side or overlay comparison. The video that you last opened for comparison is now shown in the first slot of your 'Recents' when adding a comparison video.

Get a quick link to share with the 'Copy link' feature

The sharing panel now has a "circle-dot" icon in the upper right where you can access the "Share via email" option as well as a new "Copy Link" feature which copies the full URL of the video to your local clipboard. You can then paste this anywhere you want to share a link, for example facebook, an SMS/Text message or elsewhere. We've also made saving videos to your camera roll more robust, so when you choose "Share to other apps" the "Save video" option will be always available on the device which recorded the video.

Local Cache Control to manage your device storage

If you record a lot of video, one of the great benefits of OnForm is our automatic archiving feature which frees your local storage but keeps the video in the cloud. We've provided fine-grained controls to let you select how long you want to keep videos on your device before having them removed.

Access these options from the OnForm Settings section in the app. You can also 'Clear cache' to free up all your local storage at anytime.

We continue to release updates frequently and are always open to suggestions for improvements. Please let us know by contacting us at

Thank you for your support!

-Gear & Krishna

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