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Mastering Your Golf Swing: Best Practices for Recording with a Golf Swing Analysis App

Updated: 1 day ago

We get asked all the time how to record your golf swing using video. To shed light on this common query, we'll explore the recommended angles and techniques for capturing your swing, utilizing a golf swing analysis app. For a comprehensive view of your performance, we'll focus on two key angles: "down the line" and "face on."

Down the line

The "down the line" view, parallel to the target line, is a popular choice due to its ease of capture on the range. To maximize its benefits, position your camera behind you, aligned with an object like an alignment stick or the toes of your feet. This angle provides insights into your backswing's plane and the club face's position at the top of your swing.

Face on

For the "face on" angle, set up your camera directly across from you, perpendicular to the target line. This view highlights setup angles, grip, body position, and weight shift. Utilizing higher frames per second (FPS), you may even be able to see the club face angle at the point of impact.

Instructions For The Perfect Setup

We recommend you capture your swings from both angles to give you a full view of your golf swing. OnForm's Practice Partner feature supports multiple angles and will make it easy to capture both perspectives seamlessly. Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up your device for each angle. Down the line

  1. Place an alignment stick or another club on the ground to help you become more aligned with your chosen target.

  2. Position your iPhone or iPad 12-15 feet behind you in line with the alignment stick. If you are not using an alignment stick or ground club, position the device directly in line with the toes of your feet (see yellow line in adjacent picture).

  3. Use a tripod or one of several handy accessories, e.g., SelfieGolf or GorillaPod to hold your device for stability.

  4. Orient your device in portrait mode to capture your entire swing.

  5. Finally, position your device at the same height as your wrist during setup (see the red bullseye in the adjacent picture) for optimal analysis.

  6. Swing! Let OnForm’s AI-powered practice partner feature do the work of automatically capturing every swing you take, and recording your results, such as shot distance and accuracy. Face On

  1. Align yourself with an object on the ground (an alignment stick or club).

  2. Place your iPhone or iPad 10-15 feet perpendicular to the alignment stick or the middle of your chest.

  3. Position your device at belt height or wrist height for seamless switching between angles.

  4. Orient your device in portrait mode for a comprehensive view of your swing.

  5. Swing away!

Recording your golf swing with precision is a game-changer. By following these best practices and utilizing a golf swing analysis app like OnForm, you'll gain valuable insights to refine your technique. For additional guidance, check out the instructional video by MeAndMyGolf  on setting up your device for optimal swing recording. Master your swing and elevate your golf game with these expert tips!

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