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PGA Show Preview: Multi-Cam, Full Swing KIT, Live Camera View

Updated: May 6

Image of golfer swinging golf club in indoor studio setting with an iPad in the foreground showcasing the Onform integration with FullSwing KIT. Image also says NEW and lists out three new features - Multi-Cam recording, Full Swing launch monitor support, and live camera view.

We are thrilled to unveil three new features that will enhance your video capture and video analysis experience with Onform. Our commitment to innovation ensures that you can capture every detail seamlessly, providing an unparalleled level of functionality and ease of use.

MULTI-CAM RECORDING: A 360-Degree Perspective

Say goodbye to single-angle videos! Onform now supports multi-cam recording, allowing you to capture multiple angle video, simultaneously. Coaches can utilize a second (or third or fourth) iPhone or iPad as an auxiliary camera linked wirelessly to a primary device, providing full 1080 @ 240 fps detail from each source. Whether you're analyzing a golf or baseball swing, pitch, or any other movement, the immediate side-by-side review provides a full picture.

Used alongside Onform's popular features like manual shutterspeed, ultra-wide and telephoto lens choices, and recording modes such as 'manual,' 'one-tap,' 'auto-detect,' and 'launch-monitor,' Onform ensures a comprehensive recording experience. Control the camera remotely from an Apple Watch or a Bluetooth shutter button for added convenience. Unlike previous methods requiring internet connectivity, our new auxiliary-cam recording mode transfers videos directly between devices in seconds, enabling real-time, hands-free playback.

Ideal for golf instructors and individual golfers looking to record face-on and down the line videos of a swing during a lesson, this feature is a game-changer for capturing every angle, whether in the studio, on the range, in the batting cage, or remotely. Fully wireless, hands-free, and compatible with standard Apple devices, multi-cam recording is now more accessible than ever.


Onform has seamlessly integrated with the Full Swing KIT professional-grade launch monitor. The LAUNCH-MONITOR camera mode allows you to capture ball and club data for every swing automatically and hands-free.

By setting the camera mode to LAUNCH-MONITOR, Onform quickly pairs with the Full Swing KIT, enabling instant video capture triggered by your swing. With customizable recording options, including manual shutterspeed controls, ultra-wide camera angles, and multi-cam capabilities to simultaneously capture up to four angles, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of each swing.

Trusted by PGA Tour pros like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, and Jon Rahm, the Full Swing KIT combined with Onform video enhances your practice and objective analysis. Experience a new level of insight and ease with this powerful integration.

LIVE CAMERA VIEW: Real-Time Annotation For Effective Coaching

With Onform's Live Camera View feature, you can now use drawing annotation tools while in the camera view, live! Perfect for checking setup form, stance, and real-time coaching, this feature allows you to utilize lines, angles, skeleton tracking, joint angles, and more before you even hit record. When combined with AirPlay to another screen, you can communicate more effectively with students, offering them a visual understanding of your coaching points.

Catch a glimpse of these three new features at the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando this week. Our official announcement and video demos will follow, with the release scheduled for mid-February. Elevate your video capture experience with Onform – where innovation meets simplicity.

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