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Best Practices For Staying Organized With Titles, Tags and Search

Part of the reason OnForm is so useful is that it can help you manage thousands of videos and files with a simple, yet powerful system of titles and tags. These titles and tags are also searchable throughout the app and allow you to quickly find an old video or file. This is particularly helpful when you might want to compare an athlete's current form to how they performed several months or even years ago. It's a great way to ensure you keep providing value to your athletes and stay sane in the process.

Tag Like A Pro

With OnForm, you can add multiple tags to any video or file, e.g., you might add two tags, say '7 Iron' and 'Fade' to a golf swing video. In this case, the '7 Iron' tag is known before the swing since it is the club used by your golfer, but 'Fade', the outcome of the shot is only known after the swing is completed. Let's see how you can go about adding these two tags in our example.

First, you can use our 'pre-tagging' feature, which is ideal for adding tags before the recording. Here you can pre-tag the video with the tag '7 Iron'. Once the outcome of the shot is known, you can long press the recorded video's thumbnail, or tap the "..." icon when viewing the video, then choose 'Edit tag'.

Now that you've added our tags, it's easy to find all videos/files that are tagged with one tag or the other or a combination of them. For example, if you want to find all 'Fade' videos, just start typing the letters in the search box and the 'Fade' tag is offered as a suggested search term. Tapping on it will instantly filter the relevant videos as seen here:

You can search for multiple tags also, as seen below, where I've added '7 Iron' and thus only videos that have 7 Iron and Fade are shown:

Lastly, I can also enter a person's name to filter by tag combined with the person. This is very useful when searching in the 'All Files' library. For example, if you are looking to compare videos across two golfers, you can simply search for 7-iron, then hit "Select", then tap on the two videos you want and hit the compare button (two-boxes image) along the bottom. Here's a quick video demonstration of this flow:

Adding Titles

In addition to tags, OnForm has the ability to add a title to a video. This might be something a bit more descriptive or have other bits of information where tags are not quite applicable. This could include location information, descriptive details or any other notes that help you to identify what this video is about. For example, if you create a video where you demonstrate a certain drill, you might title it "Two tees putting drill". This title is also searchable in any library. In addition, the title is overlaid on the video when shared which makes for a nice presentation to your students as seen here:

Pre-tag recording

It's worth mentioning again that our pre-tag recording feature can be very powerful for setting tags before you record, and you can also choose to immediately share all subsequent videos that are recorded. Not only can you set a tag or multiple tags before your record, you can also select 'who's in the video'. Note the buttons circled in yellow below will let you set the tag and person without leaving the recording screen.

Learn more about pre-tag recording in our dedicated blog post.

I hope these tips will help you stay organized and let you take full advantage of our tagging, titling and searching systems. When used together, they make for an incredibly powerful way to stay organized, ensure that you always find the video you need as quickly as possible, and allow you to leverage your full history of videos with your athletes and students.

Thanks for reading!

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