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New 'One-Tap' Recording Mode Helps You Capture The Perfect Video Every Time

Imagine you are trying to record a golfer taking a swing. In front of you is your student preparing to hit a ball and you never really know how long they might waggle and settle in before taking the actual swing. You tap the record button and wait for them to finish their pre-shot routine and press stop once they have completed their follow through. It requires tapping 'start recording' and 'stop recording' and you never really know how long that might take.

Now imagine you are using One-Tap recording with OnForm available now in the App Store. Instead of tapping 'record' and waiting for the student to complete their swing to tap 'stop recording', you simply tap the record button after they finish their swing. Yes, you only tap the 'record button' once. One-tap will automatically clip the previous X seconds of video prior to the tap, and it will use the next Y seconds after the tap, resulting in a video that is X+Y seconds long. The default setting is 3s before and 2s after the tap which creates a 5s video. The duration is configurable in the One-Tap recording mode as shown below:

One-Tap recording works brilliantly in sports where the duration of the activity is known in advance, e.g., golf swing, baseball pitch or swing, olympic lifts, pole vault in track & field, etc. Coaches and athletes will benefit from this easy to use recording mode, resulting in lesser taps, better video, and faster captures. You can also use it along with our shutterspeed controls and any supported resolution and frame rate setting.

If you have a bluetooth shutter, you are in for a treat. Just press the button once to trigger the recording remotely; incredibly useful if you are coaching an athlete but not standing with your device or are a self-coached athlete that wants to capture your activity after it is over.

One-Tap along with our regular 'manual' mode and AI powered 'auto-capture' mode for Golf are designed to give you the most control and flexibility when coaching. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know how it goes by sharing any videos on social media and tagging us #getOnForm.

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