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Transitioning from Indoor to Outdoor Track and Field Season: Coaching Tools for Success

Updated: May 6

Indoor Track & field image with ipad in foreground and man in white shirt and black shorts sprinting with onform's angles and skeleton tracking overlayed

With the indoor track and field season behind us, it's time to refocus our efforts on outdoor track and field. To make this transition as seamless as possible, we need the right coaching tools in our arsenal. Let's dive into some key strategies and resources that'll help coaches maximize their athletes’ performance potential

Perfect Technique with Video Analysis

Using video has become standard for track and field coaches everywhere to dive deep into technique analysis. Video analysis apps like Onform offer features that a standard iPhone camera doesn’t have, like skeleton tracking and angle measurement, letting coaches pinpoint areas for improvement with precision. Whether a coach is analyzing shotput release angles or takeoff angles in the jumps, Onform's markup tools help coaches fine-tune every aspect of their athletes' performance. 

Precision Timing Outdoors

Unlike the controlled environment indoors, outdoor tracks present unique hurdles – from wind resistance to varying track surfaces. Timing is crucial in track and field, and tools like Onform's built-in timer ensure coaches can account for every crucial second, even with a tailwind.  Coaches can time sprints and hurdle touchdown times, or even reaction times off the blocks with precision. This precise data empowers coaches to adjust training strategies and see exactly how different elements impact each athlete's performance.

Measure Athlete Progress

Whether a coach is looking at a single athlete's progression from indoor to outdoor season, or comparing multiple athletes' techniques simultaneously to provide constructive feedback, Onform has tools that make it easy to visualize differences and measure improvement with side-by-side comparisons, video overlays, and more. This visual reinforcement becomes a stepping stone to improvement, and allows athletes to celebrate their growth.

Organization and Teamwork Made Easy

Do you ever spend hours digging through footage in your phone library to find the clip you’re looking for? In the Onform app, coaches can tag videos by athlete, event, or any other custom tag to make it easily searchable later on. There are also video sharing features that allow coaches to easily markup and send videos directly to their athletes, for instant feedback. This streamlined organization makes coaching more efficient and allows for seamless collaboration, whether communicating one-on-one or with the entire team.

outdoor track & field flags and track with ipad in foreground and female throwing a shotput with onform's app video analysis tools showing her angles and pointing at where the shot put is released

Embracing the Transition with Onform:

The transition to outdoor track and field season doesn’t need to be difficult. By focusing on maximizing athletes' potential, coaches can continue to build on all of the progress made during indoor season as they move into outdoor. Coaching tools like Onform help capitalize on this momentum by providing a comprehensive suite of video analysis, timing, organizational, and communication features – all designed to elevate coaching and help athletes dominate the outdoor track and field season.

Ready to get started? Schedule a personalized demo with Lexie, our track & field manager.

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