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Mastering Golf Swing Analysis: Understanding the Fundamentals

Updated: May 6

Do you ever feel like you’re repeating the same advice over and over again to your students to improve their golf swing? At Onform, we empower coaches to ditch outdated techniques and embrace a data-driven approach to swing analysis, all while creating a collaborative learning environment.

With over 180 million golfers worldwide, each swing is as unique as the player. Remember Arnold Palmer's famous advice: "Swing your swing." However, when that swing isn't translating to lower scores or improved accuracy, it's time to refine your coaching strategy.

Onform simplifies swing analysis, allowing you to focus on the fundamentals that every great golfer needs: posture, grip, and alignment. Look at Scottie Scheffler, for example – his focus on his grip is a testament to the importance of these core elements. If it’s important enough for one of the best golfers in the world, it’s important enough for you.

Analyzing a golf swing is really simple when you have a basic understanding of what you are looking for and the tools to help you identify those areas needing change. Several PGA Pros use Onform to analyze and record swings.

  • Posture Analysis: How is your student set up to the ball? We can learn from Will Zalatoris, who recently adjusted his posture to alleviate back pain and achieve a more sustainable swing. A few basic changes can make a huge improvement in your student's overall form.

Posture analysis at address using side by side video comparison
Posture analysis at address

  • Grip Analysis: Often overlooked, grip sets the tone for the entire swing. Martin Chuck's mantra, "get your good hands on the club," perfectly captures this concept. Onform's pinch zoom feature makes it easy to see what your student is doing the moment of takeaway. For example, your student may have the “perfect grip” on the club that Scotty Scheffler has, but a millisecond before takeaway they revert back to old habits. Using an app like Onform to analyze the golf swing makes it easy to identify these areas for improvement.

Golf grip analysis
Golf grip close-up using the pinch-zoom feature of Onform

  • Alignment Analysis: Precision starts with alignment. Understanding the sequence of feet, shoulders aligned to the target, and delivery of the club to the target line is mission critical to a consistent golf swing. 

side by side image of man in red polo and white shorts on the golf course swinging a golf club with a red box and yellow lines drawn on him to illustrate proper alignment
Alignment is key to a good golf swing

These are just a few of the areas to focus on when performing a swing analysis. We recommend using Onform because it provides customizable drawing tools such as boxes, angles, and lines for in-depth swing analysis, making it easy to communicate feedback to your students in a visual manner so they understand what they need to do to improve. 

Share your thoughts in the comments below! What are the most important aspects of a golf swing analysis to you? What areas do you prioritize in your coaching? Let's learn from each other and elevate the coaching game together!

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