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Feature Release: Live Drawing Now Available For Real-Time Coaching

With the launch of Live Drawing, you can now use all of the standard drawing annotation tools while in the camera view, live, before you even hit record.  Picture this: you’re assessing your athlete’s stance and want to make a small tweak before he or she swings a club, pitches a ball, or dives off the block. You can measure joint angles, draw lines, and utilize skeleton tracking to evaluate their form and communicate any necessary adjustments, allowing you to provide detailed feedback in real time.

image of coach using onform app live drawing mode to record a female throwing a shotput

If you’re in a studio environment and have the ability to AirPlay to another screen, you can share your annotations so your athlete can see your immediate feedback. This improves communication with students through real-time understanding of your visual feedback during coaching sessions.

onform app live drawing mode with golfer setting up for a swing in a studio environment

Whether you're fine-tuning stance, analyzing dynamic movements, or providing real-time feedback, Live Drawing is another tool to add to your coaching toolkit.

Ready to try it for yourself? Download the app here and start providing real-time visual feedback to your athletes.

Check out our support site for detailed how-to instructions.

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