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Onform + Full Swing KIT: Integrating Launch Monitor Data with Video

Updated: Apr 10

We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Full Swing KIT, the go-to launch monitor for golfing legends like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, and Jon Rahm. This partnership unlocks a powerful new level of swing analysis within the Onform app, giving you the same data-driven insights previously reserved for the pros.

background is legs and white sneakers holding golf club with full swing data overlayed. Front of image is ipad with the Onform app and full swing data as a man in a white shirt and blue pants swings golf club

Here's What You Need to Know:

Ball and Club Data for Every Swing

Access 16 points of ball and club data for every swing captured on the Onform app. This level of data used to only be accessible to professional golfers but is now available to anyone with the Full Swing KIT and Onform app.

Capture Every Angle with Multi-Cam

Go beyond single-camera limitations. The OnForm app seamlessly integrates with up to four iOS devices, allowing you to record multiple angles simultaneously and wirelessly. Analyze face-on and down-the-line views of the same swing, allowing you to identify even the subtlest flaws and refine technique with pinpoint accuracy.

Side-by-Side Slow-Motion Playback

Break down every movement frame-by-frame. Identify and communicate corrections back to your students with clarity, even in remote coaching environments.

Hands-Free Automatic Capture

Focus on coaching, not camera work. Our LAUNCH-MONITOR camera mode automatically captures every swing hands-free, allowing you to provide real-time feedback and personalize instruction without having to manage the camera recording.

Remote Coaching, Elevated

Remote golf lessons just got easier! With the combined power of Onform and Full Swing KIT, you can provide detailed, data-driven feedback as if you were right there with your students.

Seamless Integration Anywhere

Indoors or outdoors, on the range or even in your basement using a golf simulator – the Onform and Full Swing KIT integration works anywhere.

This powerful partnership equips golf coaches with a comprehensive toolkit, empowering you to unlock your students' full potential. Combine Onform with Full Swing KIT, and you have a full suite of tools that enable you to be the best coach you can be, and help your student achieve their best performance.

Full Swing is offering exclusive pricing for Onform users:

Purchase Offer

Lease Offer

Full Swing is offering current Onform coaches an exclusive discount package worth nearly $1,800 in savings as an introduction to the partnership.

To purchase a Full Swing KIT, click the link below to email Full Swing with Subject Line “Onform”

For coaches looking to keep up front costs down, Onform coaches can lease the Full Swing KIT for $100/mo (plus an additional discount for Onform coaches).

To lease a Full Swing KIT, click the link below to email Full Swing with the Subject Line “Onform."

The new functionality is offered free for a limited time to all users of Onform and will be part of a Coach PRO upgrade coming later this Summer.

Have questions? Email us at 

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