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Customer Profile With Baseball Coach Sam Smith

I was fortunate to chat with Sam over email to discuss how he's using OnForm for his business, Read below to discover how he works with kids in person and remotely using video.

Tell us about yourself (disciplines you coach, how long, successes etc)

I am a former professional baseball player in the Colorado Rockies organization. I was drafted in the 6th round of the 1997 MLB draft and played parts of seven seasons with Rockies minor league affiliates. I have more than 20 years of private professional baseball instruction, and coached teams ranging from 8-18 years old.

How did you hear about OnForm and how did you get started with it?

In person lessons have been the norm for baseball hitting, pitching, and fielding for years. Most lessons are 1/2- 1 hour long per player. I would have some players, mostly from out of town that would send me text messages from game videos. They would ask me to critique them or sometimes they would ask specific technical questions regarding their swing or throwing motion. The cameras on our phones now are really good. I just searched for a better way to communicate through an app. Thats when I found onForm.

Have you used video in your coaching in the past?

My last professional season was 2003. There was some video then but now the cameras and technology are far better. So I have had some experience over the years with video analysis.

What are the main features you use in the app?

I use all the features, however I really like the VoiceOver with slo-motion combined with the ability to draw right on the screen. The library is also a huge advantage because you do not have to use storage on your phone, and it allows you can to look back and review lessons from the past, You can also title them giving you the ability to progress monitor well.

What do your students think about using it?

I have a lot of younger players, and they simply think it’s cool.

How is it helping? Is it opening up new ways of generating income for your coaching business?

When baseball season opens the players schedule gets really busy. Weekend tournaments and weekday practices are the norm. Because of their busy schedules, virtual lessons saves time and is more practical, yet still effective. They also always have phones with them. This is a huge advantage because it is coaching that is easily accessible.

Do you have suggestions for others getting started with it?

Familiarize yourself with the app, which is really user friendly and get after it.

Do you use it to prescribe workouts in addition to analyzing player's form?

I have prerecorded drills that I store in my library. I am able to pick the appropriate one and send it to players so they can work on a specific skillset or drill

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